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Each Associated Program provides a page on their own website that allows Members to viewrepparttar FeederFund Account balance with that Program, thereby providing Members significant assurance that their money is just where it is supposed to be. Also, Members are more than welcome to join any Associated Program directly. All this information can be found inrepparttar 144622 "Links" section of each Program.

To set up or manage an Account, please selectrepparttar 144623 "My Accounts" link fromrepparttar 144624 Accounts section ofrepparttar 144625 Menu. This isrepparttar 144626 gateway page for all Accounts.

For full information about our opportunity, please takerepparttar 144627 time to read through our FAQ.

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Online Parties with a Twist

Written by Kara Kelso

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Atrepparttar end ofrepparttar 144474 week, send out another email withrepparttar 144475 answers (this might grab a few that didn't participate before, or maybe got stumped and you never got an entry from). Giverepparttar 144476 details again ofrepparttar 144477 products, whichrepparttar 144478 answers were related to, and also be sure to announcerepparttar 144479 winner. You can possibly even give a special incentive to buyrepparttar 144480 products you featured inrepparttar 144481 contest, since many of your subscribers have been eyeing these products all week - a special might just give themrepparttar 144482 extra push to buy.

You can do variations of this, such as having weekly-featured products and instead of giving away prizes each week having a monthly drawing where those that winrepparttar 144483 weekly contests are entered in. Just as long as you are doing something other than just "weekly sales" you will stand out ofrepparttar 144484 crowd and increase your sales!

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