Creating a Successful Electronic Newsletter!

Written by Daryl Clark

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4. In your subscription confirmation e-mail, tellrepparttar new subscriber how they can unsubscribe and how frequently you will be e-mailing them. Don't get offended if someone unsubscribes. It isn't personal, drop them from your list and move on.

5. Automate your subscribe and unsubscribe process. There are a number of organizations that will host your newsletter for free. These companies have systems that allow you to quickly and easily set up your own automated newsletter subscriber system. Two companies we recommend are and Setting up with either company takes about twenty minutes. Automating your subscriber process will make your site more professional and will also save you time from having to manually add and remove subscribers.

6. Make money by selling advertising or promoting products that you have affiliate links with in your newsletter. Now you are not only sending out free advertising at no cost to you, you are making money selling space in your newsletter or promoting products in your newsletter.

A great example of a successful newsletter is "What's The Word? How to separate Internet Fact from Fiction!" This is our newsletter. You can read past newsletters at

In summary, a newsletter isrepparttar 124411 easiest way to promote your products or your web site. The time involved in writing a newsletter is worthrepparttar 124412 return, since sendingrepparttar 124413 newsletter out if free! If you don't have a electronic newsletter, you are missing out onrepparttar 124414 most cost effective strategy available for promoting your web site.

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Still trying to succeed online without a listserver? It ain't gonna happen!

Written by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

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Is this spam? CERTAINLY NOT! A listserver serves a SUBSCRIPTION list! People need to request to be on your mailing list. It's easy to add them -- or they can add themselves. It's equally easy to delete them if they don't want to be on your list anymore, so you're NEVER spamming anyone!

When you're using a listserver, you've got your #1 Profit Tool for connecting with prospects, bringing vital information to their attention when YOU like, both sending it with your listserver and directing them to whatever area of your website you want them to see.

Speaking personally,repparttar apt use of listservers is what has turned our company -- Worldprofit, Inc. at -- from a back bedroom enterprise into a multi-million dollar operation. That's why we include a listserver as standard equipment in our very popular ready-to-move-into, professionally designed e-properties at

Let me make myself perfectly clear: IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A LISTSERVER, YOU ARE NEVER GOING TO SUCCEED ONLINE; listservers are THAT important!

Go get yours now at For personal assistance, with "I want a listserver" inrepparttar 124410 subject, along with your name, company, and phone number.

With your listserver, you'll finally begin to capitalize onrepparttar 124411 incredible economies and speed of online business. What are you waiting for?

Dr. Jeffrey Lant is Co-Founder of Worldprofit at For a FREE subscription to Worldprofit's online business development newsletters, go to For web design assistance, go to

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