Creating a Compelling Headline for Your Website's Homepage

Written by Juliet Austin

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  • Speak to your clientís emotions. People typically make purchasing decisions based on their emotions so you want to be sure you illustrate to your potential clients and customers that you understand them andrepparttar feelings they are experiencing.
  • Your headline should be clear and torepparttar 143427 point. Your reader should understand your message instantly. Do not water down or convolute your message so thatrepparttar 143428 reader has to struggle to find itís meaning. One second of struggle could mean that your visitor is gone torepparttar 143429 next site.
  • Writing attention-grabbing headlines can be challenging as there are many components to consider if they are to be successful.

    You might want to do some reading in this area or hire someone to help you create your headline. Your headline can make allrepparttar 143430 difference in determining whether your website is drawing, as opposed to repelling, potential clients and customers.

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    Three E-zine Alternatives You May Not Have Considered

    Written by Alexandria K. Brown

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    These are very popular right now. You simply create several e-mails' worth of content to spread out over a certain amount of days, and set them up on your autoresponder.

    Many sites offer 7-day courses or reports, and quite frankly, many of them are awful. So here's a chance for YOU to stand out. Make sure yours offers really useful or interesting content that's more helpful than salesy.

    For example, say you're a small business coach. You could offer a course called "5 Ways to Make This Your Most PROFITABLE Year Ever!" Just sit down and listrepparttar 5 ways, then write a few paragraphs of copy under each.

    Then write one final sales message that you'll add on torepparttar 143126 end ofrepparttar 143127 series asrepparttar 143128 6th message. This should be a friendly invitation encouragingrepparttar 143129 reader to call you for a consultation, buy your book, sign up for your workshop, etc.

    Paste allrepparttar 143130 messages into an autoresponder series, setrepparttar 143131 timing to what you want (e.g. every day or every few days), and voila -- you've got an e-mail course!


    If you offer products on your site that don't lend themselves well to creating related content, just offer what you've got!

    Give your visitorsrepparttar 143132 chance to rece1ve special offers that will save them money at your site. The trick to high sign-up rates is to make them feel as if they'll be part of an exclusive group. Use words like "special, exclusive, limited, VIP, first looks, discounts, savings, club, and members-only."

    For example, one site that I frequent sells discounted designer clothes and handbags. (Hooray!) During my last visit, they invited me to sign up for "discounts, exclusive offers, and first looks." I jumped atrepparttar 143133 opportunity!

    Don't underestimate your visitors' interest -- many of them WILL sign up for e-mail offers if you politely extendrepparttar 143134 invitation and make them feel special.

    Just make sure not to overdo your messages to this crowd. Keep your blasts to a maximum of once a week. Otherwise your readers will get irritated and may unsubscribe.

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