Creating Wonderful Displays for Your Handcrafts

Written by Linda Nigro

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Now withrepparttar success of this new look and added confidence, I've continued assessing my display thinking of ways to improve my look. So just asrepparttar 117752 friendly advice I received about letting my design evolve,repparttar 117753 display for First In Line Soap is doing just that. I needed to cast away that fear of having to do it rightrepparttar 117754 first time, and replaced it withrepparttar 117755 excitement of having some new ideas, and getting to try them.

So now my third season is starting and new ideas are popping into my head allrepparttar 117756 time about how I want my product to be shown. I started last year picking up some old dishes from a thrift shop and used them as containers for my soaps. I loverepparttar 117757 Shabby Chic look and it was starting to filter into my booth. Hmmmm….. Marketing specialists talk about selling a look along with your product and I thought it might be a good selling tool at my shows. Sorepparttar 117758 idea of a theme type of display for my colorfully bright soaps was born.

As of this writing I am gathering materials such as barn board for shelving, aged flowerpots, floral patterned dishes, enamelware & etched stemware. I am hoping thatrepparttar 117759 contrast of old (my display pieces) withrepparttar 117760 new (my soaps) will generate visible interest that will promptrepparttar 117761 shoppers to purchase.

So be encouraged and start thinking about new and different ways you can showcase your handcraft and just as creating your product gives you such joy so can creating a display to showcase and sell your work.

This article was written by Linda Nigro adding color to your bath Stop by and enter *name that soap contest*

I have a soap crafting business for about the last 3-4 years selling at craft shows and home parties and then about 2 years ago I added to that a web address. I reside in Northeastern PA. I am the mother of two grown children who give me such joy and who say they are so proud of their mom. Needless to say I am so proud of them.

Garage Sale Addicts/Modern Day Crusaders

Written by John Lundgren

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It seems that garage sales aren't just for newly weds furnishing their first apartment anymore. Today, a cross section of humanity jostles their way torepparttar tables at a typical sale. Just look atrepparttar 117751 cars liningrepparttar 117752 road. Mercedes and other luxury cars are sandwiched in between repparttar 117753 working class autos,trucks and clunkers. What is going on here? The answer is simple. There are treasures to discover, and there is something more.

Garage sales are now respectable!

Contact: John Lundgren,President Telephone-518-854-3088 Brain Grease 6 West Broadway Salem,NY 12865

John Lundgren started Brain Grease to promote educational products several years ago during his teaching career. His book, "How To Turn Your Garage Sale Into A Money Machine," reflects his interest in consumer education and a life time addiction to garage sales. A free book is available at his website, called, "The Garage Sale Addict's Handbook." Get your free copy today.

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