Creating Unlimited Belief for Success!

Written by Richard Gorham

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On one hand:

Positive Beliefs Positive Feelings Actions Positive Results

And onrepparttar other hand:

Limiting Beliefs Negative Feelings Inaction Negative Results

So based onrepparttar 119474 preceding, it's obvious which hand offersrepparttar 119475 most value - correct?

Step Four - CHOOSE a path together!

Obviously, if an employee is unwilling to work to overcome conceptual barriers, then you should agree that a sales position is notrepparttar 119476 right fit.

You should either find a more suitable role forrepparttar 119477 person, or part ways so he/she may pursue a more rewarding opportunity somewhere else.

Let's assume however thatrepparttar 119478 employee seeks to overcome their conceptual barriers and is willing to take ownership of their plan for improvement.

Asrepparttar 119479 leader, you have an important role to play in your employee overcoming their limiting beliefs. You are responsible for supportingrepparttar 119480 employee in three key areas. Once again, they are:

- TEACH - lead by example, reinforce positive actions and behaviors

- COACH - help to improve technique, debrief progress, track results, ensure employee stays on task

- EXPECT - inspect what you expect, hold yourself and your employee accountable for continued improvement and increased results.

In conclusion, ask yourselfrepparttar 119481 following question.

Can you name one person who is a top performer that:

- believed he wouldn't be successful? - feels she shouldn't be successful? - does not takerepparttar 119482 actions necessary for her to become successful?

The answer to each question? "Of course not!" Right?

So by default we must agree that in order for anyone to be successful, he/she must understand what is holding him or her back.

Then, she must be willing to work to overcome obstacles, and choose to proactively follow a corrective action plan.

Finally, he must "execute"repparttar 119483 plan.

Through this process he will build new beliefs that will enable him to discard that old and tired, limiting belief.

Richard Gorham is the founder and President of Leadership-Tools, Inc. His web site, is dedicated to providing free tools and resources for today's aspiring leaders. Offering high-quality tools in the areas of Business Planning, Leadership Development, Customer Service, Sales Management and Team Building.

Forget The "Sandwich" Technique

Written by Alan Fairweather

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When you speak torepparttar person use "I" messages. Say things like "I likedrepparttar 119473 way you did that" or "I think there is another way to do that." Avoid "You" messages such as "You're doing great." That can come across as patronising or insincere. "You're doing that all wrong" may cause conflict, lower morale and may not sortrepparttar 119474 problem.

When your giving feedback, focus on one or two things. You'll only confuserepparttar 119475 person if you run off a whole list of attributes or misdemeanours. Be specific about job behaviour, focus on whatrepparttar 119476 person did or didn't do, don't make a personal attack. Allow time forrepparttar 119477 message to sink in and allowrepparttar 119478 person to respond. You can then seek agreement as to what will happen inrepparttar 119479 future. Ifrepparttar 119480 person does not agree to take corrective action then you need to move to another level. When they do agree to take corrective action then make sure that you monitor it and give encouraging feedback.

Being direct with your people is better for you, better for them and better for you business, so save your "sandwiches" for lunchtime.

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