Creating Powerful Change with Feng Shui

Written by Vicky White

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- A client cleared out an office and discovered he had made space for a new career path he is much better suited to

- Doing a body cleanse which freed uprepparttar energy to gain clarity and to face relationship issues

- After having her condo onrepparttar 122389 market for some months, this client clearedrepparttar 122390 clutter in her home andrepparttar 122391 property sold within 2 weeks

- Another client clearedrepparttar 122392 clutter in her home, it sold within a week and for much more than expected

- A woman with chronic fatigue syndrome gained a noticeable increase in energy by having someone help her declutter her home, including getting rid of clothes that held memories of her life atrepparttar 122393 time she discovered she had chronic fatigue

Growth creates clutter. As you make changes within yourself, more of your belongings fitrepparttar 122394 definition of clutter. Havingrepparttar 122395 urge to discard things in your home or office is a sign of you stepping more fully into yourself and your abundance. If you are growing and changing you are continually creating clutter.

Often its not until you clear your clutter that you realize how it has been holding you inrepparttar 122396 past. Clearing clutter isrepparttar 122397 fastest way I know to shift energy and create change.

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What Is Real Or True In Life?

Written by Clive Taylor

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It is possible that real fulfillment comes from havingrepparttar courage to face and transcend our despair, pain and suffering and our fears.

That to become real we need to put aside all ideas of good, bad, right or wrong and discover our unconscious motivations for seeing life in these ways.

It isrepparttar 122388 mismatch between our ideas of what is real and what is actually real that isrepparttar 122389 source of our suffering.

To embrace change, with real understanding of how our beliefs createrepparttar 122390 content and experience of our lives, isrepparttar 122391 way to freedom and spiritual sanity.

Related site: offers, if you choose, an evaluation ofrepparttar 122392 particular unconscious survival dynamics that you have set up in your life.

It does this through a short series of all-encompassing questions that allows an algorithm (The Universal Generator) to access your particular dynamic in a four-dimensional belief/behaviour “landscape.

It offers simple, but profound, ways for you to move your life back into consciousness.

It also has a unique, direct process that enables you to makerepparttar 122393 decision to change your life.

All of this, online instantly.

Years of personal research into consciousness traditions and modern consciousness research, along with radical new findings about the way much of the content of the universe organises itself, have gone into the development of the processes I am working with.

This includes hands-on work in relationship therapy of all kinds and post natal depression groups.

I have written and/or illustrated over 80 early reader children’s books.

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