Creating Messages That Get Optimum Results

Written by David Masachke

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Remember that most consumers, even if they swear otherwise, purchase products that they desire, and not products they need. Self-gratification and self-improvement always lay behindrepparttar buying impulse.

Offer Useful Content First

Are you giving your subscribers useful information? You need to win them over first with lots of high quality, free content before you begin making offers. Your sales pitches should be periodic in nature.

It's a really bad idea to flood your list with offers every single day of repparttar 108020 week. If you want, you can bury an affiliate link or two in each newsletter as long as it points to a useful resource inrepparttar 108021 context of your content. Just go easy onrepparttar 108022 special offers, though.

The best way to prime your subscribers is through scarcity. Your offers should be something subscribers look forward to receiving, rather than something easily predictable.

Calls to Action

When you do finally send an offer to your list, don't be shy about letting your subscribers know what action you want them to take. If you want them to buy a product, sign up for a membership, visit a site, etc..then offer themrepparttar 108023 link and tell them to go for it.

Sprinkle your link several times throughoutrepparttar 108024 copy for maximum effectiveness.

Dave Maschke is the owner of multiple websites, and lives in Ohio with his wife and daughter

Unlock Your Prospect's Mind From The Inside

Written by Michael Nicholas

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We, asrepparttar prospective buyer, keep calculating this inner score inrepparttar 108019 background. The sales copy attempts to win us over by scoring maximum acceptance points, provokingrepparttar 108020 action to buy.

You know when you get a gut feeling 'to buy or not to buy', this is our inner score keeping system I am talking about.

It regulates our buying behaviors and helps us make buying decisions.

Thus, when a prospect interfaces with a sales letter offer, it instinctively prompts this decision making process. It all comes down to a final response torepparttar 108021 offer.

Ultimately,repparttar 108022 prospect will either acceptrepparttar 108023 offer to buy... or rejectrepparttar 108024 offer and leave.

Hence: The Inner Score Keeping System.

The overall message I am suggesting here is to learn to think like a buyer if you want to get onrepparttar 108025 other side of repparttar 108026 sale...repparttar 108027 selling side.

Of course we all have plenty of buying experience. But, since we do no not usually think aboutrepparttar 108028 process when we buy, we missrepparttar 108029 boat on knowing what actually makes us buy.

In other words, when we buy, we are not considering all ofrepparttar 108030 elements that add up torepparttar 108031 final buying decision. We just buy or pass onrepparttar 108032 offer.

However, there is much to be learned from this and thinking like a buyer is by farrepparttar 108033 best way to unlock your prospect's mind to makerepparttar 108034 sale!

By Michael Nicholas (c) 2005

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