Creating Killer Headlines

Written by David Seitz

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Getrepparttar idea, try writing a page full of headlines, walk away take a break then go back and reviserepparttar 101166 ones you like. Show a few of your friends, associates, partners, etc. Narrow it down to 5 and start testing them. The ones that work? Don't touch! You just created a killer headline. Work it until it runs dry, if it's really killer you may find you can use it week after week and generate similar results.

The reason you seerepparttar 101167 same ads over and over is due torepparttar 101168 simple fact that "THEY ARE WORKING"!

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Why Some Ads Fail Miserably While Other Succeed Wonderfully

Written by David Garfinkel

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I've got to hand it to this ad in one department - it's interesting. It got my attention. But that's as far as it got.

The Headline'srepparttar Thing

Let's get off this negative track and look at some ads that I am certain are making money. These are not from a glossy national magazine, but are small ads from today's local newspaper. (Byrepparttar 101165 way, small ads that run inrepparttar 101166 newspaper are usually paid for byrepparttar 101167 person who wrote them, and these ads get torepparttar 101168 point and are likely to be profitable. Hmmm... I wonder if I'm noticing a trend here...)

All I'm going to show you arerepparttar 101169 headlines of these ads. But I promise you,repparttar 101170 headlines are all you need to see. Tell me if you can guess what each ad is about and who its target market is:

1. Lose 3-5 Pounds Per Week Withrepparttar 101171 System Proven By Over 90,000 Successful Patients

2. Up to 40% Savings on Heating and Cooling Costs With a (Brand Name) Foam Roof

3. Men and Women - Remove Unwanted Hair Today!

Now, I know what you're thinking. Not very clever. Not very hip. In fact, those headlines are downright boring!

Hmmm... I have two things to say about that. First, if you have tried everything underrepparttar 101172 sun to lose 40 pounds and you are frustrated torepparttar 101173 point of tears, then headline number 1 isn't that boring to you. (And I would sayrepparttar 101174 same regarding people inrepparttar 101175 target market for headlines 2 and 3.)

The second thing I want to say is, yes, and it's also pretty boring to stand in line atrepparttar 101176 bank waiting to make a large deposit into your business checking account. But you know what? Once you've gotten past that boredom barrier, it's actually sort of nice. You know?

And here's some interesting news: A good headline on your ad will get you 90% ofrepparttar 101177 way fromrepparttar 101178 agony of defeat torepparttar 101179 ecstasy of advertising success, so you can deal with weighty issues likerepparttar 101180 boredom barrier and what to do with all that money.

David Garfinkel has been described as "the world's greatest copywriting coach." He's a results oriented copywriter and the author of "Advertising Headlines That Make You Rich," which shows you exactly how to adapt proven money-making headlines to your business.

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