Creating Keyword Specific Doorway Pages - A Step By Step Guide

Written by Shelley Lowery

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your content and make updating easier. They also provide another great way to place your KEYWORDS. They won't be visible on your webpage, just inrepparttar HTML. Example: !--Begin Dog Grooming Navigation-- !--End Dog Groomer Navigation-- The key to creating powerful, keyword rich, Search Engine friendly doorway pages is to provide some valuable content. Inrepparttar 128057 body of your webpage, provide your visitors with a free 250 - 300 word article or report loaded with your keywords every couple of sentences. Example: Dog Grooming Tips From The Top Professional Dog Groomers If you're not comfortable writing your own reports, you can find over 1,000 free reports here: Here'srepparttar 128058 basic HTML outline for your doorway page: HTML HEADING META name="KEYWORDS" content="dog grooming, pet care, pet groomers" META name="DESCRIPTION" content="The Dog Groomers Salon: Dog Grooming Tips From Top Professional Pet Groomers" TITLE The Dog Groomers Salon: Dog Grooming Tips From Top Professional Pet Groomers /TITLE /HEADING BODY !--Begin Dog Grooming Navigation-- IMG SRC="mainlogo.gif" WIDTH="300" HEIGHT="60" ALT="dog grooming,pet care,dog groomers" BORDER="0" For More Professional Dog Grooming Tips, Click Here !--End Dog Groomer Navigation-- Dog Grooming Tips From The Top Professional Dog Groomers /BODY /HTML After you've created your doorway page, save your page using one of your keywords. Example: dog_grooming.html If you're creating many pages, simply add a number torepparttar 128059 end of your page. Example: dog_grooming_1.html dog_grooming_2.html pet_grooming_1.html pet_grooming_2.html dog_groomer_1.html dog_groomer_2.html When you're ready to submit your pages torepparttar 128060 Search Engines, submit only one page each day. If you've created several pages you'd like to submit, you may want to create an additional page that contains links to each of your doorway pages. That way, you can submit just your links page and letrepparttar 128061 Search Engines crawlrepparttar 128062 rest of your links. Creating doorway pages is a powerful way to increase your website traffic, but don't stop at just one. Imagine how much traffic you'd receive with 100 keyword packed, doorway pages all pointing to your website...

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Change Your Site Now!

Written by Holly Janion

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Key Benefits

1. By changing your content regularly, your visitors will come back often because you offerrepparttar services they want. Your site is interesting and doesn't haverepparttar 128056 same old stuff on month in and month out. By keeping your site content current, you will be one step ahead of your competitors.

2. You'll be seen as a site that is current, knows what is going on, a true professional. This will increase your visitor returns. If someone has purchased from you once, they will be more likely to purchase from you again. Look after your current visitors, don't lose them to other sites that keep current!

3. If your main theme is kitchens but everyone is looking for MP3, add it to your site. It doesn't have to be a huge section that detracts from your theme at all, something small will be enough. Remember just because I'm on your site looking at kitchens, doesn't mean I don't have any other interests!

4. Don't depend totally on people using kitchens as a keyword. You know they they're using MP3, so use it too - get them to your site!

5. You'll still getrepparttar 128057 visitors you would have had anyway as kitchens is still your main metatag word and what your site is about. This method only increases your site visitors. You're getting visitors that weren't looking to buy a kitchen atrepparttar 128058 moment but may soon be, or know people who are, and now they know you provide a great kitchen service.

Wade's World is an internet business solutions company offering various free marketing resources, but we've added a whole page on MP3 to our web site and people are using it! For how long I don't know, but I'm keeping a watch and whenrepparttar 128059 trend changes, so will our site!

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