Creating Insanity: A How-To Guide

Written by Steve Gillman

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Damage your brain with too many drugs and alcohol.

Isolate yourself fromrepparttar world.

Dwell onrepparttar 141230 horrible aspects of your life or ofrepparttar 141231 world.

Eat poorly and stay up all night.

Refuse to acceptrepparttar 141232 things you cannot change.

Hang ontorepparttar 141233 past too tightly.

Let fear make your important decisions for you.

Good mental health is very much a natural state. Sometimes we lose that and feel like we're "going crazy." We want to "do something" about it, but looking at ways to become insane shows us that unlike other goals, optimal mental health is not so much about doing things right - it's more about not doingrepparttar 141234 wrong things.

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Live Happily Ever After!

Written by Kenia Morales

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In order to be content people must not search for happiness. Huh? I will explain. Happiness does not come as a package with money, beauty fame, etc. and should definitely not be sought after. Happiness is already there waiting for you to shift your focus and just feelrepparttar joy. It is a momentary thing andrepparttar 141195 only way to lead a happy life is by increasingrepparttar 141196 situations that make you feel blissful such as hobbies, accomplishments, being with friends, family, traveling, changing your thoughts etc. Although, you must keep in mind that leading a happy life does not mean that you will never ever feel grouchy, sad, etc. Life is never going to be perfect but, as long as you can rememberrepparttar 141197 true principle of happiness you will be okay.

If you do not believe me observerepparttar 141198 true masters of happiness “children” they are happy despite any circumstances. See how excited they get when they see their loved ones, when they get a present regardless ofrepparttar 141199 price, for activities they choose to “play”. Of course, as adults our world is more complex but, it does not mean we can not lead a happy life.

Be Happy Now,

Kenia Morales

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