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Written by Trevor Anderson

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6. You will now be taken back to WinZip’s home window and you should seerepparttar file/s you want to zip up inrepparttar 150684 window.

7. Selectrepparttar 150685 file/s. If you have more than one, just hold down control and click allrepparttar 150686 files, or, go to “File” and click “Select All.”

8. Oncerepparttar 150687 file/s are selected, go to "Actions" and onrepparttar 150688 drop down menu click "Make .EXE file".

9. A pop-up menu will come up thanking you and reminding you to register. Just ignore registration request and click OK (you don't have to register). 10. Another pop-up window will appear and ask; "Create a self-extracting zip file from" You will seerepparttar 150689 name ofrepparttar 150690 zip file that you created in Step 3.

11. Right below that you will see a blank that says "Default 'Unzip To' Folder". This isrepparttar 150691 name ofrepparttar 150692 folder thatrepparttar 150693 files will automatically extract (unzip) to when people downloadrepparttar 150694 files from your site. If that folder does not exist onrepparttar 150695 person's PC, WinZip will create it for them. Don’t leave it blank, or it will automatically go in their TEMP folder. It is suggested that you list something here. Try to give it a name similar torepparttar 150696 filename sorepparttar 150697 person will recognize it when they look forrepparttar 150698 folder on their PC at some stage inrepparttar 150699 future. Inrepparttar 150700 example we use here of eBook you could call it “eBook ; followed by whatever you are writing about. ”So if your book is about growing roses, you could call it “eBook Complete Rose Grower.” Click OK.

12. Nowrepparttar 150701 program will ask you if you want to testrepparttar 150702 file which has just been zipped up. Click "Yes" and WinZip will run throughrepparttar 150703 unzipping process. This isrepparttar 150704 same processrepparttar 150705 user that has just downloaded your file/s will see.

13. Nextrepparttar 150706 pop-up box will tell you whererepparttar 150707 file is unzipping from. This will berepparttar 150708 same location you selected in step 3.

14. Select "Unzip" andrepparttar 150709 program will say; "1 file unzipped successfully" or if you had more than one file it will tell you how many were successfully unzipped. On your hard drive, there should have been a folder created called "Complete Rose Grower" (or whatever name you chose in Step 11) andrepparttar 150710 files should be sitting there unzipped.

15. Now you're ready to takerepparttar 150711 zipped file and upload it to your server so people can download.

16. Go to Windows Explorer and locaterepparttar 150712 zip file that you created in step 3. So if you named it ebook, you should see a file called This isrepparttar 150713 file that contains all of your files inside that people will download. If you want to test it again, just double click onrepparttar 150714 zip file and WinZip should extractrepparttar 150715 files torepparttar 150716 folder you specified in step 11.

17. Now you need to upload this zip file torepparttar 150717 internet. Assuming you have a website from which to sell your eBook, you need to find an FTP program (File Transfer Protocol) to do this. There are many to choose from. Just do an Internet search for “FTP Program.” When installedrepparttar 150718 program will help you uploadrepparttar 150719 file/s in effect, onto your site and therefore,repparttar 150720 internet.

18. Forrepparttar 150721 purposes of these examples let’s call your domain (Please Note: This is not a real URL; at least it wasn’t atrepparttar 150722 time of writing!). After you've uploadedrepparttar 150723 file, you're ready to point people torepparttar 150724 link so they can downloadrepparttar 150725 zip file.

19. As an example, you uploaded to a folder called “ebooks” and your domain name is "" thenrepparttar 150726 link you will use to point torepparttar 150727 download will be something like; “” The WinZip program creates this link automatically. When people click on this link it will immediately startrepparttar 150728 download process.

20. After they download itrepparttar 150729 unzipping program will unziprepparttar 150730 file torepparttar 150731 folder that you specified in step 11 on their hard drive.

Trevor Anderson

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1 Overlooked Key to Small Business Success

Written by Amy Andrews

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As an emerging industry, virtual assistance is quickly becoming a valuable asset to individual business owners and a must-have in repparttar small business community at large. Handing off administrative tasks to someone withrepparttar 150628 tools and know-how to complete them quickly and efficiently is saving many businesses untold amounts of time and money. A virtual assistant is undoubtedly a worthwhile investment.

BONUS: 4 Tips for Working with a Virtual Assistant:

* Start small. Don't be afraid to "testrepparttar 150629 waters" by giving your new virtual assistant a small project without a huge budget. It may take time to find a virtual assistant with whom you work well.

* Be specific. Virtual assistants like to know exactly what's expected of them. Provide as much detail about your project and your needs as possible.

* Forge a relationship. Establishing a strong, lasting connection with a virtual assistant will benefit you enormously inrepparttar 150630 long run. You will be surprised how much you come to rely on his/her knowledge and expertise.

* Remember, your virtual assistant is not your employee; they are small business owners themselves, partnering with you to achieve success. This is a win-win situation because when you succeed, they succeed.

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