Creating Attention, Interest, Desire and Action Online

Written by David Gikandi

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Interest The primary reason people go online is to get information. Not to get advertised to, but to know something about something. That is how you create interest, by providingrepparttar appropriate information. You must have a good amount of free information that is relevant, constantly updated, exciting and different. Obviously you still want to tell them about your product but that should only be a major part of your site, not an only part. You should get an arsenal of news, articles, facts, newsletters, polls and other features to keep them coming back. Yes, it sounds involving but remember, most sales occur afterrepparttar 132111 first encounter, so you must make sure you get more than one visit to your site. And very few people will return to your site just to re-read your product brochure.

Desire You create desire in a multitude of ways,repparttar 132112 two best being lettingrepparttar 132113 client experiencerepparttar 132114 product or service first hand. So you have to build interactivity. If you have a software product you are selling, give out a free downloadable demo. Financial services? Offer free online calculators. Real estate agent? How about an interactive room planner. The idea is to get someone experiencingrepparttar 132115 product or service in some way or another so that they can desire to own it. See what you can do in your case, just make sure it is a useful free trial. Most purchases take place afterrepparttar 132116 buyer has seenrepparttar 132117 product or service several times, better still when they have used it and experienced its benefits.

Action You will find thatrepparttar 132118 number of actions you want taken are quite a few. You probably will want someone to subscribe to your newsletter, get your free demo, recommend a friend or, most of all, buy something. Whateverrepparttar 132119 action, createrepparttar 132120 attention on it, get interest, build desire, then ask forrepparttar 132121 action. You must ask forrepparttar 132122 action to be performed. If you want them to click, put that down clearly. If you want them to buy, ask forrepparttar 132123 sale very clearly (as in "Buy Now"). Most sales are lost atrepparttar 132124 last moment because no one askedrepparttar 132125 buyer to buy. So don't be shy. Ask forrepparttar 132126 action.

There you have it. Probablyrepparttar 132127 only fundamental information you will ever need to get your web site to perform as it should. The reason I refer to it as fundamental is because if you use it as a foundation on which you build your entire web site, no matter how small or big it is, it will work. Well, granted you must haverepparttar 132128 right products atrepparttar 132129 right price, but even with those,repparttar 132130 fundamentals must be there for optimum results. Use this information when you decide on your site navigation, your pages, your graphics, etc. It will not fail you. If you need any more information on this topic, please seerepparttar 132131 articles at

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Does Your Web Site Need A Tune Up?

Written by Bill Daugherty

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2 - Typos and Spelling

Typos and misspelled words can severely undermine an otherwise great site. Check and recheck every page for these errors.

3 - Navigation

Broken or missing links are all too common on many sites I visit. So, double-check all your links and make sure they are functioning properly. Those 404 messages are a big-time turnoff, plus it means part of your site is inaccessible.

If you have a lot of links on a page, arrange them in neat rows with uniform spacing between each.

It is critical to have all links clearly identified.

4 - Design

Your color choices are a matter of personal taste. But try to avoid using too many colors. This can give your site a carnival-like effect that leaves your visitors tired and dizzy. As a general rule you shouldn't use more than four colors.

Too many different fonts on a page can also have a negative effect on your design. When I look at a page that somehow just doesn't look quite right, but I can't put my finger onrepparttar problem, it usually turns out to berepparttar 132108 font(s).

Animation is great, but too much movement is distracting. Don't load your pages with too many banners. One or two atrepparttar 132109 top or bottom should berepparttar 132110 limit.

This concludes your web site's tune up. These guidelines are by no means an exhaustive list of allrepparttar 132111 problems and errors that can plague a web site. But, it is an effective checklist ofrepparttar 132112 more common flaws, and it will serve to greatly improverepparttar 132113 performance of any web site.

Bill Daugherty is editor and publisher of the marketing and advertising ezine "E-Power Marketing." Visit his site and subscribe at: Visit Bill"s latest project at: To contact Bill

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