Creating A Vision That Is Uniquely You

Written by Maria Marsala

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Make it an adventure and do it! If one of my clients is having a difficult time getting started on their plan, I ask what they've done that hasn't worked and then we discuss other options. Try these options for ideas: ~~Be creative and have fun. Designrepparttar most creative vision you've ever dreamed about! Design your first dreamboard. ~~Start a planning box. For "x" months, everytime you get an idea of what might be in your plan, putrepparttar 124050 thought on a piece of paper and put it in your box. Pick a date you'll put your ideas into a plan.

Take a good look at your current beliefs aboutrepparttar 124051 life you're creating. Pick up a copy ofrepparttar 124052 Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom. It's a small book jam-packed with wonderful information on beliefs. Make sure what you believe is really "you". Don't get stuck in someone else's vision.

Purchaserepparttar 124053 book I use with my business clients The One Page Business Plan. It's a fun, tips-full, fill inrepparttar 124054 blanks, clouds, answer-the-questions type workbook. Use it to create your business or personal plan. Go somewher serene for a weekend and completerepparttar 124055 5 parts of your plan. Or you can close your house for a day by quietingrepparttar 124056 phone, using pre-made or order out meals, etc.). Spend a self- caring time creating your plan. Take a look what Jim Horan,repparttar 124057 author, writes about business plans. "Writing allows others to participate in your dreams and give you feedback" Writing is a tool to help you ... ~~see what you're thinking ~~turn your dreams into something "real" ~~go forrepparttar 124058 clarity you desire ~~stay focused ~~get prioritized ~~take immediate action ~~help you remember what it is you wanted to do

Once you write your vision, try it on for size. Learn to stretch, "act as if", make small changes, or make some big changes to your vision. If it feels good, keep it. If it doesn't adjust it further. Main thing is to be comfortable with it. Rememberrepparttar 124059 quote about insanity that goes like this "insanity is doingrepparttar 124060 same things over and over again expecting different results". "Try on" new concepts, new ways of doing things, and recommendations from others. Coaches are especially good at assisting you as you s t r e c h, s t r e c h, and then s t r e c h some more! So stretch right into your vision!

I bet that once your vision has been formalized, you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner! And you'll be amazed atrepparttar 124061 time it takes to do vs.repparttar 124062 time (and energy) you've invested just thinking about doing it!

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Know No Fear!!

Written by Rick Beneteau

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That folks, isrepparttar false load of Fear you "allowed" to invade and dominate your mind. All for nothing and what needless suffering and a complete waste of life energy!

Fear isrepparttar 124049 imaginary mountain that hidesrepparttar 124050 horizon.

The moment you feel Fear - face it - and eject it - instantly! Every time you feelrepparttar 124051 invisible foe injecting it's venom into your thoughts - STOP!! And YOU re-take control of your thinking process. Outa here! Fear is false, and evil! What you imagine will never come to pass. That's ALWAYSrepparttar 124052 reality so why even think those thoughts?

Learn and practice this, for when has what you Feared ever become your reality?

Fear isrepparttar 124053 greatest inhibitor torepparttar 124054 progress of mankind.

"Fear is excitement without breath." Robert Heller

Conquering Fear!

You and I will always feel Fear. The key is to not feel it for long. Split seconds of time actually. It's a matter of twistingrepparttar 124055 irrational emotion into a usable force forrepparttar 124056 betterment of our own lives.

Make Fear your Motivator! The moment you begin to feel Fear, immediately turn it intorepparttar 124057 fuel you need to keep your fire raging! You feel Fear almost always when something is "worthy" ofrepparttar 124058 invading of your comfort zone. Like risk for a much greater gain! Begin to recognize thatrepparttar 124059 dark feeling of Fear is in almost all cases a prelude to a brighter future.

Look at it this way, if you DON'T feel Fear over a particular situation, then it's not significant enough to warrant your consideration. That's how powerful an indicator Fear is! And that's all Fear should ever be!

At most, let Fear be but just that momentary Storm beforerepparttar 124060 Calm. USE Fear instead of allowing it to use YOU.

Let Fear Fortify, not cripple you!

"Dorepparttar 124061 thing you Fear to do and keep on doing it... that isrepparttar 124062 quickest and surest way ever yet discovered to conquer Fear." Dale Carnegie

"Fear is met and destroyed with courage." James F. Bell

Fear and Ice Cream?

If we only opened our minds a little more often we would see a limitless source of strength in our children. Children are wise beyond belief as they Know No Fear! I ask you to take a little more of your time right now to readrepparttar 124063 true story of a brave young girl named Teri. The Ice Cream 'Comb' Story is very close to my heart and a continual source of strength for me. See,repparttar 124064 story is about my daughter:

Fear and Prayer?

I wish to close this article by sharing with you what I believe isrepparttar 124065 "required equipment" to fight and beat Fear once and for all. Essentially, that is a core belief system centered on those things we both deserve and should strive for. I was able to express how I felt about this in an article called The Entrepreneurs Prayer, which I invite you to not only read, but also really think about:

I can not express how I feel about Fear, or ratherrepparttar 124066 freedom of living without Fear, more effectively than E. E. Eddison:

"He without Fear is king ofrepparttar 124067 world."

My wish for you is to Know No Fear!

Be Fearless, and Flourish!

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