Creating A Logo

Written by Vann Baker

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Creating A Logo Assuming you’ve settled on a name and you’re ready to go over torepparttar local copy shop and get a thousand business cards printed.

Not so fast, before you have a business card, you will need a logo.

I’m not talking about picking out a symbol to go with your name from a business card sample book at Office Depot or a local print shop. I’m talking about creating a unique logo that captures your business’ style and professionalism, in a creative, appealing look.

It’s always best to work with a professional designer to create a logo for your business. While there are “do it yourself” web sites out there where you can create your own logo online—you have to make allrepparttar 146782 make allrepparttar 146783 design decisions and unless you have a design background, you may not make makerepparttar 146784 best choices.

A designer can not only apply his or her creative skills to create a unique look for your business, they can listen to your vision of your business, your target market and give you an outsider’s perspective.

Marketing Consistency Having a professionally designed logo isrepparttar 146785 first step in presenting a professional image of your business.

A designer can also help you withrepparttar 146786 design and layout of your letterhead and assist with printing your business cards and other marketing materials. This is important in that all your marketing materials need to belong torepparttar 146787 same “family” in design and layout.

Designers can also help you withrepparttar 146788 design of ads, web sites and can handle all “pre-press” work, and can make sure anythingrepparttar 146789 public sees always presentsrepparttar 146790 best possible image for your company.

While almost every printer now is working with digital files, some printers want PDF files to print from and others want .EPS or .JPG files. Four color printing requires that all files be converted to CMYK and a designer can bridgerepparttar 146791 gap between your marketing needs andrepparttar 146792 printed product.

Vann Baker has been creating corporate identity and marketing collateral for over 25 years: brochures, newsletters, catalogs to websites including e-commerce. Vann also contributes to . . . the entrepreneur's blog with business tips, resources and how-to articles.

Kindergarten Dropout Makes A Fortune In Internet Marketing

Written by Titus Hoskins

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Ok, sorepparttar hyperbole meter is rising again, but you getrepparttar 146705 picture.

Next time you're tempted, don't drool overrepparttar 146706 latest Guru's 'How To's'...'Kindergarten Dropout Makes a Bundle Working Only 40 Seconds onrepparttar 146707 Internet Each Day', 'How I Turned Google Into My Own Personal Cash Slave', 'My Secrets Are Worth 20 Million a Month to Me, I Just Can't Wait to Tell You Everything'!

Don't be fooled byrepparttar 146708 slick copy writing, don't be tempted to reach for that plastic wand.

Take a smarter approach. Use your brain. Use your God Given Intelligence. Don't buyrepparttar 146709 latest offerings fromrepparttar 146710 next big hot 'marketing guru'.

Instead, do this.

If a marketing expert is making $15,000 a month with Google Adsense, don't automatically go out and buy his/her book of secrets. Use your head - if you haverepparttar 146711 time, seek out their sites and pick them apart. Studyrepparttar 146712 lay-out, studyrepparttar 146713 design, studyrepparttar 146714 keywords. Learn everything you can, and apply it to your own web site or marketing. The Internet gives up its secrets, nature ofrepparttar 146715 beast!


Don't cultivate a need forrepparttar 146716 latest marketing 'tell-all' info-product, but rather cultivate a relationship withrepparttar 146717 source. Seek outrepparttar 146718 experts. Find one or two inrepparttar 146719 areas of Internet Marketing you need help with: SEO, Mini Sites, Affiliate Marketing, List Building, Google Adsense/Adwords, Copywriting, etc.

Get to knowrepparttar 146720 marketer who's sellingrepparttar 146721 product, join his/her affiliate program, sign up to their opt-in newsletter, ask them questions inrepparttar 146722 online forums. Be nice, be curious, be helpful to them - whether it's selling their products, bringing in more affiliates or just being of assistance if asked for. Always remember it's a two way street and must be beneficial to both parties, so give as well as receive.

Build relationships and you will build a foundation of knowledge that you can draw from again and again. Develop these relationships with a diverse group of marketing experts inrepparttar 146723 areas of interest that's vital to your Internet Marketing and you will be atrepparttar 146724 right starting point.

Nurture these relationships, grow them, watch them bloom and your own marketing results will harvestrepparttar 146725 rewards.

All you really have to do is Learn How To Learn. Teach yourself and you will never have to go back to Kindergarten again.

Or buy another marketing info-product!

The author runs a modest website selling the latest Internet Marketing Tools/Software and yes, Marketing Info-Products! Copyright © 2005 Titus Hoskins of Marketing Tools & Guides This article may be freely distributed if this resource box stays attached.

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