Creating 3D Text Effects in Photoshop

Written by Mart Gil Abareta

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Withrepparttar top layer still chosen, dragrepparttar 136774 Opacity Slider inrepparttar 136775 Layers Palette down to about 50% or 60% based on how dark or light you want your final effect to appear. Make a new layer and chooserepparttar 136776 Gradient Tool. Drag withinrepparttar 136777 text selection to make a gradient from top to bottom and then dragrepparttar 136778 opacity slider down till you can view some ofrepparttar 136779 texture behindrepparttar 136780 gradient.

Moreover, we will generate a shadow forrepparttar 136781 text to "blend" intorepparttar 136782 website’s background. Withrepparttar 136783 text still chosen, click onrepparttar 136784 Background Layer and add a new layer from there. Go to SelectFeather and then 1-3 based onrepparttar 136785 thickness ofrepparttar 136786 font you are utilizing. Press D on your keyboard and then Alt-Delete to fillrepparttar 136787 feathered selection with black. Again, press Alt-Delete to make a darker shadow. Then, hold downrepparttar 136788 Ctrl key and pressrepparttar 136789 down arrow on your keyboard once or twice.

Finally, you can endrepparttar 136790 process here but if you haverepparttar 136791 Eye Candy filter, you can include an extra effect by applying a slight bevel torepparttar 136792 text. You can also add to your image other stuff that you want and you're already done!

So, you can now followrepparttar 136793 abovementioned steps using Photoshop and you’ll also enjoy working on your unique 3D text effects. Enjoy working!

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Perfect Company Brochure for Your Growing Business

Written by Kristine Llabres

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Having pointers to take note are worthy to guide you along your way.

First,repparttar most crucial thing for a brochure is to be effectual in gettingrepparttar 136773 attention of prospect customers. The colors and creative graphics also matters to have best response from readers. Second, do not makerepparttar 136774 font of your brochure very wordy. In fact, it should just have a brief headline and a meaty body. The headline should be kept simple yet striking. Take note that at this very moment you are trying to get their attention.

Third, while gettingrepparttar 136775 attention of your prospects sees to it that if you already caught their attention,repparttar 136776 interest now will be your new target to achieve. Mostly brochures fail on this. Forth, show themrepparttar 136777 ways that your company can better their situation. Again, keep your light and easy to read. Too much text can clutterrepparttar 136778 whole brochure. Fifth, give your prospects just enough information so they crave to out more. Leave some things unanswered so that they would be interested to call and find out more. Touch lightly onrepparttar 136779 main topics and simply get people excited enough to want to inquire for more information. It should awakerepparttar 136780 prospect’s appetite.

Lastly, leave contact information on where they can reach you so that they can easily take them torepparttar 136781 next step of getting to know more your business and be a part of it.

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