Creatine Supplementation for Increased Performance and Building Muscle

Written by Josie Anderson

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There have been reports of minor side effects from creatine such as cramping and upset stomach. Drinking extra water may control these side effects. Taking 40 or more grams of creatine in a day may cause kidney or liver damage.

Creatine is available in capsules, liquid, or powder. Powder can be mixed with water or juice. Creatine works best when mixed with a liquid carbohydrate such as juice, by doing this you can increaserepparttar muscle’s absorption of creatine up to 60 percent. It’s important to followrepparttar 149741 loading instructions onrepparttar 149742 label of creatine supplements. Always consult your health car provider before using any supplement.

About the Author: Josie Anderson is a personal trainer and is the owner of providing weight loss resources to help with many weight loss goals and overall general health.

How To Build Shirt Bustin' Biceps

Written by Fred Ost

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I have found this approach to hitrepparttar bicep equally giving it's appearance an overall consistency no matter whatrepparttar 149680 position ofrepparttar 149681 arm is. As with any exercise I am a firm believer in form coming first. Nothing gives results and protects you from injury better than good form. With perfect form you can get vastly better result than someone using their max weight and jerkingrepparttar 149682 weights around in a sloppy fashion. Great form will always give you a great form in repparttar 149683 mirror.

I recommend six sets of ten so you can get two good blasts from each bar angle, if you are training more agressively then bump it up to nine or twelve sets of ten! If you are doing whole body training daily just to build or maintain lean body mass then just do three sets of ten and watch that bicep round out.

Fred Ost is a writer, web designer and aspiring indie movie maker. He is a founder of, and staff writer at the free independent artits community at He is fighting his way out from behind the keyboard to get back to the days of curling 150 for ten sets of ten!

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