"Create a Flood of Traffic with 500 Words"

Written by Shannon Emmanuel

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The great thing about article submission is thatrepparttar major search engines, Google, Yahoo etc. spiderrepparttar 128243 big sites far more often than litte ol' you and me, so they will find you within a few days when you post at a large directory. The key to a good article (and you'll find some sites with more specific guidelines) is that it CANNOT be an obvious ad for your company. Create a 'How To' or '10 Ways to...' type article relevant to your business. Atrepparttar 128244 end write something like this: "So-and-So is running her own business while raising a family. She has been providing services (or product, information, etc.)torepparttar 128245 __________ community for over 2 years. You can find more information about _________ at http://www.h*mebased.com." Try this out and search for "article directories" at Google, and start submitting your articles to gain traffic. Wishing everyone success this year!

While raising two young daughters, Shannon and her husband, Cyprian, are helping others start and promote their own home business with articles, resources and recommended programs. Find more information at http://www.Affiliate-Start.com

Back Door Google via Overture

Written by GIL HIDAS

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To prove this, dorepparttar exercise we did above, or click onrepparttar 128242 following link to Google. What you will find is that by clicking onrepparttar 128243 Google results, and going into one ofrepparttar 128244 web pages inrepparttar 128245 results set, there is no mention to www.orangejewelry.com (for example: Brazil.com) ; however, if you click onrepparttar 128246 results cached page (for example: Cached) you can clearly see whenrepparttar 128247 page was indexed by Google and that your web site Overture advertisement is there!!! Amazing ha? The pros and cons are quite self-explanatory at this stage (I think) onrepparttar 128248 one hand you get link popularity boost from Google by running an Overture campaign (go figure, why Google do this as Overture is its main competition). This is by farrepparttar 128249 single most important factor to determine what sites are indexed by Google (see Google PageRank Information). Onrepparttar 128250 other hand these links are not 'real' rather 'loose' as oncerepparttar 128251 user clicks on them heshe doesn't get to your web site but to where your web site was advertised awhile ago.

My conclusion is pretty simple, if you have a new web site OR use Overture a lot to increase traffic to your web site, try to use this method smartly (for example, you can participate in categories in Overture that have many impression but low click rate, this will result in your web site ads are visible onrepparttar 128252 net for GoogleBot but you won't have to pay much for Overture clicks). Whatever you do, keep in mind that once you stop your Overture campaign, these 'loose' links in Google will stay there for only few weeks. What I'm still puzzled about is why Google indexes pages with links to Overture and not pages with Google ads, which they can have financial gain from (not very ethical though).

Note: this article was published on 01/02/2005 and allrepparttar 128253 links in this article are valid as of this date. Keep in mind that links to Google search results are likely to change every few weeks. If you read this article and it has broken or incorrect links, please contact me via e-mail at gil@stridergroup.biz.

In my next article I'll discussrepparttar 128254 effectiveness of Overture campaign to online stores.

Gil Hidas is a web master and a database specialist.

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