Create Your Own Luck

Written by Josh Hinds

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Perhaps we should look to several examples as to why this is true. First, very often we wantrepparttar quickest results possible. Knowing this isrepparttar 149452 case, accepting that havingrepparttar 149453 stick-to-it-ness necessary to achieve greatness isn't all that glamorous. Perhaps it is easier for us to simply say, they were lucky then to say, "If they can do it, I can learn from this persons example and achieve similar results in my given area of endeavor."

In looking not to justrepparttar 149454 end result, or glamorous rewards often associated withrepparttar 149455 success stories of other people, but also inrepparttar 149456 hardships they had to endure we can gain a needed strength. It is from that very strength that I believe we can in turn move closer to our own definition of success.

The next time you hear someone calling a personís achievement lucky, I hope you will do both yourself andrepparttar 149457 other person a big favor and disagree with them wholeheartedly. Remind then that far more likely then simply "luck" was allrepparttar 149458 effort that we may not even be aware of that went into getting them to where they are now.

It's a simple shift inrepparttar 149459 way we choose to view things, but it is a shift that gives usrepparttar 149460 power and knowing that we are as capable as anyone when it comes to reaching our dreams and desires.

-- Here's wishing you great success, Josh Hinds

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I Just Did It!

Written by graham and julie

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The more I listen torepparttar positive me. The more I tune intorepparttar 149317 part of my brain that wants me to succeed,repparttar 149318 more chance I have. The more I can say. I just did it.

I just did it. I believed in myself enough to take a chance. I just did it. I followed my instincts. I just did it. I listened to my inner being. I just did it. I listened torepparttar 149319 brain that is inside my stomach rather thanrepparttar 149320 one inside my head. I just did it. I followed that part of me that I can only hear when I am quiet. I just did it. I allowed myself to feel rather than think. I just did it. I didnít analyse I just went withrepparttar 149321 flow. I just did it. I visualised what it was I wanted and went for it.

I am so proud of myself; I followed my path. I finally got it.

To truly get what I need all I have to do is listen to myself. Place one foot in front ofrepparttar 149322 other. Trustrepparttar 149323 experience and accept whatever happens is for my benefit.

There I just did it.

Good Luck

Graham and Julie

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