Create Your Own Local Cable Women in Business Program

Written by Jerrilynn B. Thomas

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Background research is required to construct your content. Find out what new trends onrepparttar Internet are important torepparttar 131139 women in business market. If your program is going to feature guests that have web sites, incorporate their sites intorepparttar 131140 program to make it interactive. The audience could contact you via email while you are onrepparttar 131141 air to ask your guests questions. Get your guests to provide your audience with a freebie or prizes that they can only receive while your program is onrepparttar 131142 air. Just make your content fun and exciting and you will keep your audience from turningrepparttar 131143 channel.

Guests can make or break a program. Choose them carefully. They can be owners ofrepparttar 131144 most dynamic businesses and have dull personalities. Your audience will turnrepparttar 131145 channel. Allow prospective guests to send in their media kit. Interview them onrepparttar 131146 phone. Then meet withrepparttar 131147 more promising prospects in person to make your final decision.

Now its time to give your business program a name. I decided to wait untilrepparttar 131148 end for this very important item to give you time to fully developrepparttar 131149 vision for your business program. This is where vanity or creativity comes into play. It's your program. If your business name is suitable, use it. Name it after yourself if you want to boost your personal business image. If neither of these ideas appeals to you, then think of an original name for your business program. Make it exciting by having a contest to find a name for your program to stir up interest.

These are just a few of things to think about if you ever decide to create your own cable women in business program. Wardrobe, makeup, sponsors, camera crew, etc. must also be addressed. Next month I will discuss how to promote your new business program.

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Beating The Odds

Written by Monique Rider

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to get unemployment or help from Social Services. We lived off of borrowed money or money from side jobs that he did. Our second daughter was born in 1986. I finally decided to go back to work, thinking it would help our financial situation. I found a job that paid very well and had excellent benefits. I felt maybe this wasrepparttar beginning of some stability for us. But four months laterrepparttar 131137 problems started again. Joe was again involved with drinking, drugs, and very unstable people. He was upset because I was working - so I ended up quitting my job, hoping to improverepparttar 131138 situation. It didn't help - he would go for days at a time without coming home. When he was home he could care less aboutrepparttar 131139 kids or me. I begged him to get help. He refused, saying he didn't know what was wrong but he had to work it out himself. Then I found out he was into drugs a lot heavier than I thought - he had shot up cocaine. Later, after questioning him, he admitted to having an affair. I was destroyed! He said it was still going on and he could not choose betweenrepparttar 131140 both of us. I left him a few weeks later, in 1987. The kids and I stayed with my parents. My daughters were 1 and 2 years old. I figured with a little time, he would straighten up and we could return. However, after two months I was still living with my parents and Joe and I were still not making any progress. My parents were getting very impatient with me. So, after some problems with them, I moved to my uncle's house. It took me still two more months before I decided I wanted a divorce. But within those two months my aunt and uncle taught me to drive and I found a job. It was my first step toward independence. The job didn't pay much and I didn't like it butrepparttar 131141 money helped. With some financial help from my sister I was able to retain an attorney, buy a used car and put a deposit down on an apartment. Joe was furious when he found out how independent I was becoming. He didn't wantrepparttar 131142 divorce and immediately started causing problems. He refused to pay child support, he began harassing me overrepparttar 131143 phone, and he began making kidnapping threats againstrepparttar 131144 girls. There was constantly someone watching my house or following me. The girls suffered most of all. They were confused aboutrepparttar 131145 divorce and their dad didn't help matters any. He was very uncooperative and was against everything I tried to do. He wouldn't cooperate with my lawyer orrepparttar 131146 court. The stress we were going through was beginning to affectrepparttar 131147 girls. They were having nightmares and behavioral problems, such as violent temper tantrums, screaming duringrepparttar 131148 night and severe separation anxiety. I was determined to get them into a more stable environment. I found a much better job. I soon moved out of our one - bedroom apartment and into a two-bedroom townhouse. Slowly I began to establish myself and we continued dealing withrepparttar 131149 everyday problems of life. There were work problems, babysitter problems, and at times I had trouble putting food onrepparttar 131150 table. Of course there were always lawyer and divorce problems too. But we seemed, somehow, to make it through everything. My daughters are now teenagers and they are strong girls. We've come a long way. It's all in your attitude and drive. I have found out so much about myself in these past years. I am interested in art, writing, reading, fitness, and nature. I have obtained a degree in business management and have become a certified personal trainer. I am now remarried and own my own business. So many doors have been opened for me. The possibilities now seem endless. I have learned that things happen for a reason and there are always blessings in adversity. But you have to takerepparttar 131151 first step and take control. It's scary but it can be done.

1991, revised 2001 By Monique Rider DEDICATED TO MY DAUGHTERS

Monique is a survivor of adversity! She believes there are blessings in our struggles. Monique is also the owner of Trinity Coaching Services, a company that provides personal development coaching services. In addition, Monique is a competitive bodybuilder, wife, mother, and published author. To learn more about Monique and personal coaching visit: or email Monique at:

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