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Generally, an employee based size standard not in excess of 500 employees is used for manufacturers for wholesalers, average employment not in excess of 500 is used; for general construction, a revenue based size standard not over $28,500,000 is used; for specialty trade construction, revenues not over $12,000,000 is used; for retail and services contracts, revenues not over $6,000,000 is used; and for agricultural enterprises, gross annual sales not over $750,000 is used. Self-certification of documentation is sufficient for representation as a small business, women-owned small business, veteran-owned small business and service-disabled veteran-owned small business. SBA certification is required for status as a HUBZone small business, 8(a) small business, and Small Disadvantaged Business. The range is about 15 days for certificate of competency; no approval is required on other programs for this .small business opportunity. The government grants that guarantees this small business opportunity programs for small business grants totaled: FY 04 $4,606,675,000; FY 05 est $3,250,000,000; FY 06 est $3,000,000,000. Administrative Expenses: FY 04 $38,013,000; FY 05 est $34,188,000; and FY 06 est $36,406,000 In fiscal year 2004, $11.2 billion in government grants for prime contracts was set-aside for procurement limited to small businesses to give you an excellent small business opportunity. Title 13, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 125; "Government Contracting Programs;" Government Contracting and information for this small business opportunity from SBA offices. Forms to obtain necessary assistance are provided by SBA field offices. To find where they are listed you can go to Associate Administrator for Government Contracting, Small Business Administration, 409 3rd Street, SW., Washington, DC 20416. Telephone: (202) 205-6460 Other small business opportunity programs that are related to selling torepparttar federal government are: 17.301, Non-Discrimination and Affirmative Action by Federal Contractors and Federally Assisted Construction Contractors can use this small business opportunity; 17.303, Wage and Hour Standards; 36.001, Fair Competition Counseling and Investigation of Complaints; 39.001, Business Services is another small business opportunity; 43.002, Technology Transfer isrepparttar 150497 chance to participate in another small business opportunity; 59.006, 8(a) Business Development is a good small business opportunity that you should consider.

Sometimes just doing things to makerepparttar 150498 world a better place is more important then making money. This is part ofrepparttar 150499 reason behind this free website that help find grants. Economic development to make our communities a better place is one thing we can all do for our children's future. If you would like to view a growing list of our federal grants just stay informed with our RSS feeds. We will do our best to keep you educated on small business opportunity.

I am a college student and single parent who relies on federal grants everyday. I built this free information and education website that helps find federal grants to promote economic development.

Beware Of Spam Withdrawals

Written by Tim Knox

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Spammers use "spider software" to crawlrepparttar web and harvest email address, so if you have a personal or company website that has your email posted on it, sooner or later a spam spider is going to grab your address and add it torepparttar 150467 mill. Likewise when you sign up to take online surveys or receive email newsletters, you are potentially exposing yourself to spammers.

How can you reducerepparttar 150468 amount of spam you get? Many people think that you can't fight spam, so you should just accept it and move on. In other words, you can not fightrepparttar 150469 Borg, so smile and be assimilated intorepparttar 150470 fold. While spam is hard to eliminate, there are things you can do to lessenrepparttar 150471 amount of spam you receive and it's impact on your daily business life.

First, stop clicking onrepparttar 150472 "unsubscribe" links atrepparttar 150473 bottom of spam emails. While some ofrepparttar 150474 links are valid and will get you removed from spammer's lists, other are actually there just to letrepparttar 150475 spammer know that your address is valid. Clickrepparttar 150476 link to unsubscribe and you might actually seerepparttar 150477 amount of spam you receive increase.

Second, it's a good idea to have at least two e-mail addresses. Use one for personal or business use, andrepparttar 150478 other for surveys and online purchases.

Third, consider installing a spam blocking software on your computer or company network. There are a variety of spam blocking applications onrepparttar 150479 market that range in price from free to a hundred bucks. Though none of them will completely eliminate spam, they can greatly reducerepparttar 150480 volume you receive. Searchrepparttar 150481 Web for "spam filter" and investigaterepparttar 150482 ones that you feel are right for you.

Your Internet Service Provider should also offer an anti-spam application, but be careful how you use it. I have a client who recently increasedrepparttar 150483 sensitivity of their ISP spam blocker torepparttar 150484 point that nothing was getting delivered to their company email accounts, including their own company newsletter. They had effectively built an email brick wall that stoppedrepparttar 150485 spam and everything else. Not a good idea.

Before investing in a commercial spam blocker you might also try adjustingrepparttar 150486 email filtering settings in your email software. Microsoft Outlook, for example, lets you set rules for handling incoming mail. The same is true with Outlook Express, Eudora, and Apple's Mail OSX. Each have built-in filtering features that can help eliminate unwanted email by parameters you set.

One thing to remember is that if spam didn't work, it would quickly go away. In other words, if spammers weren't profiting from sending unwanted emails they would go do something else.

Probably become a telemarketer or credit card debt collector.

Whether you use a commercial product or rely on your existing email software to filter out spam, just be careful that you don't batten downrepparttar 150487 hatches so tight that you no longer receive any email at all.

Here's to your success!

Tim Knox

Tim serves as the president and CEO of three successful technology companies and is the founder of Related Links:

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