Create Credibility for Success

Written by Nicholas Dixon

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Article writing, ezine publishing and posting to forums are examples of credibility building materials. When used inrepparttar proper way they seem to take on a life of there own and can bring wonderful results. Andrepparttar 118724 best thing is that they haverepparttar 118725 ability to stick around for a long time after you create and publish them.

Allrepparttar 118726 examples stated are practiced by successful marketers. Some may use allrepparttar 118727 techniques or they might use one or two. My experience with creating credibility building materials has been wonderful.

A few detractors may point out that using these strategies on a freely hosted website is lacking of credibility, but believe me they work. These techniques have been around for a while and many marketers can attest torepparttar 118728 fact that they do produce results.

Give your business a boost by focusing on creating credibility and getting your name inrepparttar 118729 public eye. Why donít you give it a try ?

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The Internet and Globalization

Written by George McKee

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I was shocked byrepparttar results. My UK and Algarve friends quoted me prices that were onrepparttar 118723 expensive side. Some ofrepparttar 118724 quotes that came in from aroundrepparttar 118725 world were one tenth of these prices. I chose a programmer in Pakistan that had good reviews from this bulletin board. I must say that I have never had such a pleasant experience working with a programmer before. His work was excellent, he was polite, enthusiastic and did not ask for payment untilrepparttar 118726 job was completely up and running and my client was satisfied. His product was delivered to me as an attachment to an email in seconds, once he finishedrepparttar 118727 job.

My point? If you want a taste of what globalization is all about, just visitrepparttar 118728 Internet. Information from aroundrepparttar 118729 world is practically free, and services that can be delivered electronically can be purchased from excellent worldwide sources at a fraction ofrepparttar 118730 local price.

Is this good or bad? Your opinion does not really matter because it is already here and upon us.

George McKee writes a twice-monthly, computer and Internet related article in the Algarve Resident, a newspaper for the English speaking residents of the Algarve region of Portugal. He also operates, with his business partner,, a web hosting and design firm in southern Portugal. He can be contacted at or at his little corner of the website

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