Crazy Contact Lenses -- Freak Out Your Friends!

Written by Mike Schwartz

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This doesn’t mean that you have to wear glasses in order to wear crazy contacts. Like traditional colored contact lenses, crazy contacts can come in both novelty and visual correction prescription form. However, inrepparttar United States,repparttar 151026 FDA requires that you possess a valid prescription in order to purchase contact lens of any style including crazy contacts.

Crazy contacts are extremely fun. If you are into theatrics, crazy contacts can add an intriguing effect and element of mystery to your project. If you are just looking for some fun, try walking aroundrepparttar 151027 mall with a pair of crazy contact lenses in and watch all ofrepparttar 151028 heads turn. Keep in mind though that they are still regular contact lenses and requirerepparttar 151029 same care as any other contact lens. As always, talk to your eye care practitioner today about ordering your new pair of crazy contacts.

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It’s Only Adult ADD – What a Relief!

Written by Suzan Fiskin

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I told her about our tremendous gifts like passion, creativity, compassion, seeingrepparttar big picture, intuition, and so much more that counterbalancerepparttar 150990 challenges when you haverepparttar 150991 strategies and support that work for you.

Barbara wasn’t a victim any more. Now that she knew how her brain works, she had new choices she could make.

Since then, we’ve worked together to redesign her life around her strengths. Instead of hanging out alone in her condo, she’s joined a church group where she made a number of new friends. Rather than doing routine work that bored her, she now has a project-oriented job in outside sales. She’s dropped 25 pounds since she began exercising regularly and staying away from junk food and late night TV. Life’s not perfect, but she’s a whole lot happier!

Most importantly, she feels so much better about herself. And that’s a great thing!

Since 1992, Suzan Fiskin has loved being a Master Coach for ADD-ish entrepreneurs (and most entrepreneurs are ADD-ish!) as well as a motivational speaker. She served onrepparttar 150992 Boards ofrepparttar 150993 Forum of Women Entrepreneurs, Association of Women in Technology andrepparttar 150994 Professional Coaches and Mentors Association. She has a free online assessment, bi-weekly teleconference calls and a number of other resources for ADD-ish entrepreneurs on her website

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I’ve been coaching ADD-ish entrepreneurs since 1992. I’m a lifelong entrepreneur with a degree in communications from UCLA. I am Master Certified in NLP, a certified hypnotherapist and ADD to beat the band. I've spent many years building the skills & strategies to help those of us whose brains are wired differently. It's my life's work.

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