Crate Training Dogs & Puppies- FAQ

Written by A. Grignard

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  • Use Cratewear to make his crate safe & comfortable
  • Put appropriate toys and treats insiderepparttar crate, which will entice him to go in on his own.
  • Feeding your dog in his crate can develop a positive association with it.
  • Give your puppy lots of praise when he entersrepparttar 136770 crate.
8) How do I stop my dog from whining or barkingrepparttar 136771 crate?

Again, make surerepparttar 136772 crate is in a good location. Veterinarians and trainers recommend coveringrepparttar 136773 crate to give your dogrepparttar 136774 privacy he needs to feel secure. If your dog can see you, he'll want to be with you outsiderepparttar 136775 crate. Crate covers lowerrepparttar 136776 number of distractions your dog sees, which reduces barking and stress. Note: Dogs that suffer from separation anxiety should not be crated. If you feel your dog is suffering from separation anxiety and is showing clinical signs, please avoid crating him until speaking to a professional.

9) What's in it for me?

Dog crates give your dog a place he can claim as his territory. Providing your dog with a comfortable room of his own will help keep him off your furniture. In addition torepparttar 136777 safety and comfort benefits for your dog, Cratewear will enhance your wire crate to fit your decor, makingrepparttar 136778 crate an attractive addition to any room. All of this results in a more positive training experience for you and your pooch!

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Dog Health Problems and Symptoms Where Do You Turn?

Written by Tara Pearce

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If you’re looking for dog care for a mouth sore, it would depend onrepparttar kind of sore. My Shar-pei has “puppy pimples” which aren’t dangerous and cause no pain to her, so I just dab some peroxide on them, and that doesrepparttar 136769 trick. Of course, I got this tidbit from a breeder who got it from a vet. Please don’t just blindly follow what I say – it may not be appropriate for your dog.

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