Crash Course In Getting A #1 Google Ranking

Written by Jason DeVelvis

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First, go to and downloadrepparttar Google toolbar, this will save you some time. Ok, now type in your keywords – “Custom Gaming Computers.” The first link should be (if it’s not, then someone may have already read this column and risen above them!) click to go there. Whenrepparttar 150151 page loads, go to your Google Toolbar, click on Options > “More” Tab > Make surerepparttar 150152 “Page Info” box is checked. Then, click onrepparttar 150153 blue circle withrepparttar 150154 i in it. (This isrepparttar 150155 aptly named: “Page Info”) It should drop down and allow you to select “Backward Links,” choose it. Now you should be looking at a Google search page again, but this one is different, it only shows pages that link to (Wow, that’s handy!) Atrepparttar 150156 time of this article, there are 41 pages that link torepparttar 150157 site, and you can view them all. Some are other pages inrepparttar 150158 site, others are third parties.

Get Your Site Some Friends! Follow each third party link and check outrepparttar 150159 page. Does it have to do with your business? Would their visitors benefit from coming to your site? (The answer is probably yes) If so, emailrepparttar 150160 webmaster - there should be an email address somewhere onrepparttar 150161 site. Ask him or her if they would link to your site. Be willing to trade links with them, or to pay for a good link with a high PR. That reminds me – look just torepparttar 150162 left ofrepparttar 150163 Page Info icon on your Google toolbar, and you should see a green bar. That isrepparttar 150164 Page Rank ofrepparttar 150165 page you’re currently on. You want to target pages with higher page ranks than your own, because for each of those sites that link to yours, they effectively “give” you a little bit of their PR. Kinda like in high school whenrepparttar 150166 head ofrepparttar 150167 cheerleading squad flirted withrepparttar 150168 nerd inrepparttar 150169 hallway, she “gave” him more popularity.

Byrepparttar 150170 way, if you can manage to get a link fromrepparttar 150171 #1 site itself, do it!

Do this for all of these links you can, then move on torepparttar 150172 #2 listing for your keywords. Then #3, and so on. Don’t get discouraged if some webmasters don’t reply to you, it may take an email or two. If they say no, thank them for their time and move on. I try my best not to burn any bridges – you never know when you’ll need to contact that webmaster again, and if he remembers you were polite, that will make you look good.

Whew, Finally Done.

This is a very easy way to move uprepparttar 150173 Google SERPS, no “expertise” required, just good old-fashioned hard work. It will take some time for Google to re-index those pages and realize that they have a link to you now. And it will take even longer for your PR to go up (from what I hear, it’s been around 3-4 months sincerepparttar 150174 last PR change [Today is 7/14/2005]) But be patient, get links upon links, and keep adding great content to your site, and you will jump up inrepparttar 150175 SERPS by leaps and bounds.

To Your Success, and Your #1 Website!

Jason a long time web developer and the owner of Premier MicroSolutions, LLC. If you’re looking for more articles about getting higher Search Engine rankings, go to and check out their great directory of articles.

Not Ranking High Enough On Search Engines? Here’s Some Help!

Written by Jason DeVelvis

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There are also quite a few places onrepparttar net where you can find articles that are free to reprint on your site. A few of them are,, and As I said, there are many sites like these, but these arerepparttar 150150 3 best, in my opinion. Some article directories are focused on a single set of topics (like Business Marketing) and others, includingrepparttar 150151 three mentioned above, contain articles from many, many categories.

If you write your own articles, submitting them to as many article sites as possible, again includingrepparttar 150152 three I listed before. The more places you submit your article,repparttar 150153 more sites will pick it up – either through RSS (Really Simple Syndication) or by cutting and pasting your article to their site. The latter option is preferable to you, because your article will stay on their site longer. This will work hard to generate you more traffic from visitors to those sites who read your article and increase your SE rankings through backlinks. (For more information, check out an article I wrote about backlinks at

How often should I add new content?

Add new content at least weekly, and absolutely no less than monthly to give your customers reason to come back, and Search Engines will also increase your ranking because your site is active and you’ve got good content.

What about forums?

Forums can be great tools for site promotion, if you do it right. Do NOT post ads to a forum that isn’t for posting ads. You will do more to destroy your credibility than generate traffic. Put a link to your site in your signature, and post questions and answers torepparttar 150154 site, just like everyone else. If a topic that your site contains information about comes up, feel free to postrepparttar 150155 URL inrepparttar 150156 body ofrepparttar 150157 topic (make sure this is allowed byrepparttar 150158 forum rules first) but always mention that it’s your site, so nobody is mislead and thinksrepparttar 150159 post is a referral, which it’s not (because it’s your site).

These tips are just a few ofrepparttar 150160 things that you can do to increase your search engine rankings. Take your time and develop a good site, write quality articles, submit them to as many places as possible, and watch your ranking go up whilerepparttar 150161 visitors come in.

Jason is an Internet marketer and owner of Premier MicroSolutions, LLC. Submit your articles to - The Free Web Site Content Article Directory

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