Cowboy Central Rewards NRHA Exhibitors

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Only points earned atrepparttar primary affiliate shows will be utilized in determining an affiliate's qualifiers. European Rider Qualification

Riders must declare a primary affiliate by April 1st. Riders will qualify through shows held January 1, 2004 - May 31, 2004.

Only shows inrepparttar 124194 rider's country of residence will be utilized in determining qualifiers.

Finals Conditions

Open and Non Pro Finals classes will be offered and will run concurrent with ancillary Open and Non Pro classes at each ofrepparttar 124195 regional affiliate finals.

Each Open Finals class will have $500 added with a $50 entry. There will be no judge's fee if cross entered into ancillary Open class. If not cross entered, a $50 judges fee will apply. Each Non Pro Finals class will have $500 added with a $50 entry. There will be no judges' fee if cross entered into ancillary Non Pro class. If not cross entered, a $50 judges' fee will apply.

All finals will be clean slate. Rider must compete in finals on horse(s) that earned points for qualification.

A rider may ride up to three horses, however onlyrepparttar 124196 highest score will be utilized in determiningrepparttar 124197 winner.

National Reining Horse Association

10 Sure Fire Ways To Get More Ezine Subscribers

Written by Ken Hill

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6. Swap advertising space with other ezine publishers.

Your ad swaps will give you an excellent way to increase your subscriptions at no cost. When possible, swap your ads for at least three issues in a row to maximizerepparttar number of new subscribers you get.

7. Swap "thank you" page ads.

Promote other related but non competing ezines onrepparttar 124193 page your new subscribers are taken to after subscribing to your ezine in exchange for those publishers doingrepparttar 124194 same for you.

This will give you a powerful way to continue to increase your subscriptions for as long asrepparttar 124195 other ezines are published.

8. Swap welcome message ads.

Like your "thank you" page ads, this type of swap can give you very good ongoing promotion of your ezine. The main difference is that not everyone that subscribes to your ezine will read your welcome email while all your new subscribers will be directed to your "thank you" page.

9. Swap recommendations with other ezine publishers.

You could recommend another publisher's ezine within your ezine in your own words in exchange for that publisher doingrepparttar 124196 same for you.

You could also swap recommendations in your welcome message or on your "thank you" page.

In addition, you could run a recommended ezines section in every issue where you recommend a few or several other ezines in exchange for those publishers doingrepparttar 124197 same for you.

10. Submit your ezine to ezine announcement lists and ezine directories.

Your submissions will provide you with an easy way to start getting more new subscribers.

Getting your ezine listed in ezine directories can also help you to find more people who would like to purchase advertising in your ezine as well as more publishers who would like to do a joint venture with you.

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