Cow's Milk And Milk Alternatives -- Is Mare's Milk Too Exotic? Part 1

Written by Núria Roig

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Cow's milk allergy is not so widespread, but when it affects children mothers have to find a healthy milk substitute that gives them peace of mind. To avoid milk allergy symptoms those who are allergic to cow's milk protein should avoid any contact to milk.

Mare's milk can be an alternative for adults suffering from cow's milk allergy, lactose intolerance, or soy milk allergy. Parents should seekrepparttar advice of a doctor. Mare's milk is popular in northern European countries, but in North America it is still difficult to find a supplier.

Mare's milk is easier to digest than cow's milk. Its protein composition is closer to human milk than to cow's milk. It has a lower fat content, vitamin A and four times more vitamin C. It contains magnesium, potassium, nitrogen, calcium, phosphorous and sodium. Mongolian have drank lots of fermented mare's milk and used it fresh for their salty tea for centuries. This could explain how they survived with only a few vegetables in their diet.

The Belgian farmer who first sold me mare's milk was really enthusiastic about it. He told me that he had suffered from severe candida for many years and that he had cured himself drinking 250 ml or 8,5 ounces of mare's milk a day. For a year and a half he traveled allrepparttar 138263 way torepparttar 138264 Netherlands to buy his precious mare's milk. Finally he himself established a mare's milk farm and he is now selling mare's milk succesfully.

I did not have such digestive complaints, but I wanted to taste it. And so I drank a glass of mare's milk every day for one month. Its texture is indeed thinner than cow's milk, and it is sweeter and very light onrepparttar 138265 stomach.

In northern Europe mare's milk is already a substitute for acne sufferers who prefer not to associate dairy and acne. Why not try mare's milk if you have trouble digesting cow's milk, acne breakouts, skin complaints, or simply to add more variety to your food?

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Food With Niacin

Written by K. Perry

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Food with niacin can alleviate these symptoms and offerrepparttar niacin benefit. Quick relief from Pellagra is found when one introduces food with niacin intorepparttar 137979 diet. The food with niacin benefit can be found naturally in liver, lean meat, kidney, fish and poultry.

Other food with niacin andrepparttar 137980 niacin benefit include avocados, peanuts, figs, whole wheat and prunes. Turkey, tuna and lamb contain major amounts of this food with niacin.

The niacin benefit can also be obtained with multivitamin supplements, which are non-toxic and providerepparttar 137981 full niacin benefit necessary for good health. Food with niacin contains nicotinic acid, which affectsrepparttar 137982 neurotransmitter receptors, especially those involved with skeletal muscle. By including food with niacin in our diet, we can be assured ofrepparttar 137983 niacin benefit.

We should remember thatrepparttar 137984 niacin benefit in food with niacin could be lost through vigorous food processing, taking sleeping pills and drinking alcohol, which destroy food with niacin benefit. Luckily food with niacin deficiencies are rare and easily corrected withrepparttar 137985 niacin benefit.

Food with niacin works to rectify any lack of niacin benefit. Niacin benefit is also noticed by acne sufferers who find that eruptions are reduced byrepparttar 137986 intake of food with niacin. A clearer skin is obtained throughrepparttar 137987 food with niacin benefit. A varied diet rich in food with niacin can combat many problems and give usrepparttar 137988 lasting benefit of food with niacin.

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