Cover Letter Warning: Watch Out For the BIG BAD WORD!

Written by Jimmy Sweeney

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Toss this:

"Pursuant to said resume attached, I have compiled and codified a list of attributes, and carefully analyzedrepparttar characteristics necessary to extrapolate my purpose and penchant forrepparttar 145571 kind of work you articulated with extreme verbosity on your web site underrepparttar 145572 item, "Available Positions." That said, I ask your kind permission to garner a private conference with you so I might bring to your attention...

At this point, if he gets that far,repparttar 145573 employer will shredrepparttar 145574 letter as well as any thought of contacting you for an interview.

HOW TO COMBAT BIG BAD WORD-ITIS: Read your cover letter aloud. The moment you hear, feel, or say a word or phrase that twists your tongue and fogs your brain, take it out. Rewrite untilrepparttar 145575 words and sentences roll off your tongue and you feel yourself smiling. Hey this sounds good! Display your passion forrepparttar 145576 position and clearly ASK forrepparttar 145577 job interview.

I'm rooting for you! Clear concise language is so rare inrepparttar 145578 business world today, that those who can master it will landrepparttar 145579 interview of their dreams--andrepparttar 145580 job that's behind it.

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Take Time To ThinkDavis Goss

Written by Davis Goss

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Your mind, which embodies this "thing" called "creativity", isrepparttar source of all ideas. It isrepparttar 145570 best computer ever devised. However mind-bogglingrepparttar 145571 next generation of computers may be, that master computer between your ears isrepparttar 145572 only Amechanism@ that can come up with original ideas and be responsive torepparttar 145573 flow of these Amental images ofrepparttar 145574 imagination@.

These images are a glimpse intorepparttar 145575 future. It is vision which is defined by Webster as, "the act or power of perceiving mental images (ideas) inrepparttar 145576 imagination". Jonathan Swift noted that, "Vision isrepparttar 145577 art of seeingrepparttar 145578 invisible". Helen Keller was quoted as having said, "Worse than being blind , is to have no vision".

Remember,repparttar 145579 computer and all its associated technologies are merelyrepparttar 145580 outward manifestation of someone=s creative thinking. Remember too, that an effect cannot, and never will, initiate any action of its own. It must forever be subservient to its primal cause and source: creativity.

It was Victor Hugo who reminded us that "there is nothing more powerful thanrepparttar 145581 right idea whose time has come". That time is now!

Take time to marvel atrepparttar 145582 computer with all its wonder, with all its contributing technologies and its capacity to make such a significant contribution to our way of life. But always reserve a quiet place in your mind where you can retire fromrepparttar 145583 pressures imposed byrepparttar 145584 "real world" and take time to THINK


For more than 40 years Davis Goss has been a creative consultant with particular expertise on problem solving. His latest book "The DYNAMICS of ACHIEVEMENT" outlinesrepparttar 145585 details of his unique problem solving methods that are based on proven scientific principles and as such assures positive results with predictable accuracy.

Davis Goss “The Science of Building Harmonious Life Experiences”

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Davis Goss has been a creative consultant for more than 40 years with particular expertise in problem solving. His latwest book, "The DYNAMICS of ACHIEVEMENT", presents his unique scientific approach to problem solving which is based solely on a logical continuity of natural laws and principles that assure positive results with predictable accuracy.

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