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- How he makes over $41,000 per month sending follow-up offers to his e-mail list. Make an offer likerepparttar one he shows you, and 34.7% of your existing customers will buy from you again. He'll also teach you how to use this strategy even when you run out of products to offer -- GENERATING INSTANT REVENUE WITH ZERO MARKETING COSTS, as often as you want.

- How to increase your profits by up to 63.8% -- by teaming up with your competitors. Only a few of us are profiting from this unfair advantage. Now you can join us, and generate MASSIVE ADDITIONAL INCOME in a matter of days.

- How to locate thousands of people who are interested in your products, capture their e-mail addresses, and generate repeat sales from them -- all within 48 hours (without ever spamming).

... and this is only a small sampling ofrepparttar 131797 strategies that Corey uses every single day to help 1000's of people start extremely successful businesses onrepparttar 131798 Internet from scratch!

You DO NOT HAVE TO BE A GENIUS to implement any ofrepparttar 131799 strategies or techniques that I have just talked about or any ofrepparttar 131800 hundreds of other tips and tricks you will find on Corey's site and in his course!

In fact I thinkrepparttar 131801 hundreds of testimonials Corey has posted on his web site really speak for themselves...

Two months have passed... I have MADE WILL OVER $30,000 FROM MY SITE! Joe Malek Mortgage Network London Inc

Corey convinced me to try some ofrepparttar 131802 approaches. MY PERSONAL INCOME FROM MY SITE ALMOST DOUBLED. David Beroff Note Worth Service LLC

"The results from using this course were that MY ONLINE SALES INCREASED BY 500%!" David Katz Hair Loss Solutions

When you click onrepparttar 131803 link below and visit Corey's web site, you will see hundreds more testimonials like these that show yourepparttar 131804 REAL RESULTS THAT REAL PEOPLE -- just like you and me -- are achieving everyday, using Corey's strategies.

So if you are interested in starting a business or just increasing your profits from an existing business, visit here now:


and discoverrepparttar 131805 same strategies that Corey has personally used to help thousands of other people just like you build their online businesses... you'll be glad you did!

Allrepparttar 131806 best...

Mark Klinton,internet marketer http:/

Mark Klinton,internet marketer

Why Google AdSense Is Not the Nail in the Coffin of Affiliate Programs

Written by Clay Mabbitt

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Most useful web pages have a decent amount of text on them, and AdSense relies heavily on that fact to findrepparttar ads that will most appeal to your visitors. Some frequently visited pages don't follow this rule, though. The affiliate income calculator at is one ofrepparttar 131796 most frequently visited parts of our site, but it contains almost no text. Unable to determine appropriate ads on a page such as this, Google will display ads for non-for-profit organizations such as Habitat for Humanity. It is a nice gesture, but even if it appeals to your visitors, you aren't paid for this type of untargeted traffic.

As someone who uses Google inrepparttar 131797 role of an advertiser, I prefer to have my ads displayed in search results, instead of included on a page with a great deal of content as is usuallyrepparttar 131798 case with AdSense pages. When a web surfer is looking at search results, they are hunting for information and haven't found it yet. These people are more likely to click my ad. On a page of mostly text, there is a greater chance they've already found what they were looking for. Google even acknowledges this fact to advertisers by pointing out that onlyrepparttar 131799 conversion rate of their ad in search results is used to calculate ad positioning. The much lower conversion rate of ads placed on content-rich pages is ignored.

I have elected to have my ads only appear in search results because I don't want to keep throwing my marketing message at people when they aren't interested. If advertisers as a group lose interest in creating advertisements for AdSense pages,repparttar 131800 payout to webmasters will quickly drop.

I do think AdSense has a place on a content rich web site, and I make use of AdSense on multiple pages at I do not think this service will replace affiliate programs, though. Since you know what is going to be advertised on your page with an affiliate program, you can create content that supportsrepparttar 131801 product and will improve conversion rates. The control of affiliate programs also allows you to limitrepparttar 131802 endorsements on your site to onlyrepparttar 131803 best products and services.

Like affiliate programs, AdSense is a tool available to webmasters to generate revenue, as well as provide valuable resources to their visitors. Expect to see both onrepparttar 131804 web sites you visit for years to come.

Copyright (c) 2003 Clay Mabbitt. Clay Mabbitt writes articles about Internet affiliate and MLM opportunities. Need in-depth reviews of the latest online income programs? Find them at

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