Courage to Change

Written by Ernest Quansah

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I had tried to encourage Anne to leave home and be her own woman. As we talked after dinner,repparttar woman began to share a story with Anne. The woman told Anne: “Once there was an eaglet who grew up with ducks. Whenrepparttar 149461 eaglet grew strong wings to fly,repparttar 149462 mother duck toldrepparttar 149463 eaglet, ‘You hatched with ducks but you are not a duck. You are an eagle. Eagles don’t walk, they fly. So fly away to be with eagles...’ The eaglet replied, ‘No, I am not an eagle. I am a duck. I cannot fly.’ The mother duck toldrepparttar 149464 eagle, ‘Yes, you are an eagle. You were hatched by a duck but you are an eagle. You can fly.’ The eaglet was so afraid to try it replied, ‘No, I cannot fly. I am a duck—if I try to fly, I will fall.’

“The mother duck toldrepparttar 149465 eaglet, ‘You are an eagle. You don’t belong here. Fly and be with your own kind and you will be much happier. Try, please try. Eagles fly, they don’t walk. You are an eagle. You can fly.’ The eagle thought for a minute. It began to stretch and flap its wings. It bounced around a little, then it jumped up and flew. As it lifted offrepparttar 149466 ground it realized it could fly and began to soar inrepparttar 149467 air.”

We all sat and listened to this emotional story. I know I wept and so did Anne. I cared about Anne so much. I wanted her to find happiness. Not long after and with a little encouragement and support, Anne moved out of her parents’ basement. She found her own apartment and a full-time job at a local hotel. She began to date and met a man who cared for her. Although it was difficult and frightening at first, Anne tried and when she did, she soared.

This real-life example shows that we can all find happiness and success if we choose to makerepparttar 149468 choices and dorepparttar 149469 things that bring us happiness and success. Anne only found success when she left her comfort zone and tried. In your love life,repparttar 149470 only way to experience true failure is if you don’t try, if you give up or try to hide behind excuses and justifications.

The eaglet eventually flew with eagles instead of walking withrepparttar 149471 ducks. This means, for example in relationship, you can find love with your appropriate mate—not just any man or woman forrepparttar 149472 sake of having a lover. You can live your potential. But settling for unhealthy and mediocre relationships is not a way to find happiness. You can achieve your true potential in all things if do your part.

You can tell from Anne’s story that despite her upbringing and life experiences, she was able to find happiness by making choices that brought her happiness. When Anne left her comfort zone (likerepparttar 149473 eagle leavingrepparttar 149474 ducks), she reached her potential. Do you make choices that bring you stress and disappointments? Do you settle for relationships that bring you misery? What is your emotional well-being worth to you? Deciderepparttar 149475 kind of life and relationships you want. Then you will know what you need to do.

Ernest Quansah is a soulmate relationship expert who helps men and women find their true love and create the relationship of their dreams. He is the author of How to Identify Your Soulmate, a love relationship advice manual designed to help people find happiness and fulfillment in their relationships. If you will like more information about his services, please visit

When a Relationship Goes Bad

Written by Ken Katz

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If you two can't, then stop beating each other. Just decide to endrepparttar relationship and try to leave as friends. You both will be much happier inrepparttar 149460 end.

It will take time to healrepparttar 149461 wounds. Take some time off. Try to clear your head. Don't ponder over what is done. And, definitely don't replayrepparttar 149462 relationship over and over again in your head. You will just be torturing yourself needlessly.

And, don't sulk too long. Pick yourself up and dust yourself off as soon as you can. Start meeting people again. Force yourself a little if you have to. This isrepparttar 149463 only way to startrepparttar 149464 healing process.

Being happy with a smile on your face will help you get through life a lot easier. You will be able to do your job a lot better when you are happy. And, your friends will like you better even you are smiling and not sulking or crying.

Try an internet online dating service if you want to jump back intorepparttar 149465 dating life. Online dating is fun and you will be able to meet many fun and exciting people who share many ofrepparttar 149466 same interests as you.

Remember, going through life with a smile on your face because you are happy inside is much better than being miserable day to day. So, think ofrepparttar 149467 end of your relationship as a temporary setback that is allowing you to find a partner you will enjoy spendingrepparttar 149468 rest of your life with. Good Luck and I wish you success findingrepparttar 149469 person of your dreams.

Ken Katz runs the online dating site: His goal in life is to help everyone meet the partner of their dreams. If you would like to use this article on your website please include a link to:

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