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Written by Dave Balch

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If you are selling gift certificates, they cannot expire. Someone has given you money for a product or service that you have not yet delivered; to allow that to expire is unethical in my opinion, unless you returnrepparttar money torepparttar 125018 purchaser afterrepparttar 125019 expiration date.

Accounting for them, however, can be a problem. A friend of mine received landscaping gift certificates for several years. She accumulated them until she had a big project to do, andrepparttar 125020 nursery that issued them was mortified that they were going to have to honor them all at once. If you think about it, though, they got a better deal because they had use ofrepparttar 125021 money for all of that time, andrepparttar 125022 buying power ofrepparttar 125023 money they received has diminished over time; a $100 certificate, for example, issued 5 years ago won't buy as much today as it would have then. Gift certificates should be carried on your books as a liability. That way, you don't realizerepparttar 125024 revenue or takerepparttar 125025 profit untilrepparttar 125026 certificates are redeemed.

Some people haverepparttar 125027 feeling that gift certificates are too much trouble because ofrepparttar 125028 liability and accounting, but my feeling is that you should do what's best for your customer, not what's best for you.

Coupons and gift certificates are good tools. Use them, but be smart about it.

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The Local Business Owner and Web-based Marketing. What Are They Waiting For?

Written by By Tim Charles

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The irony is, more than ever, this market could benefit greatly from whatrepparttar Internet can deliver… more customers, less expensively. So how can those of us who carryrepparttar 125017 daily 'torch' of how-and-why-web-based-marketing-works - help?

Local business owners need to be re-wired on whatrepparttar 125018 Internet can do for them. They need to consider new statistics, new insights and new capabilities. For instance:

· 48 million adults inrepparttar 125019 U.S. went online looking for local business information inrepparttar 125020 last year. (How many found a competitor?)

· It's now possible to target consumers by city, even down to zip code -repparttar 125021 areas local business people KNOW they get a majority of their business from.

· They need to learn why many web sites don't have a chance to sell anything, and how they can change this problem quickly.

· They need to learn who is most likely to buy from local web sites, (and why this usually surprisesrepparttar 125022 local business owner.)

· They need to learnrepparttar 125023 proven formulas for building local customer relationships that lead to sales.

· They need to understand why local, web-based marketing can increase profits, lower expenses and increase their customer base.

Specific facts and strategies are much more accessible today. More and more local businesses ARE seeing benefits from web-based efforts - these aren't just theories anymore. Still,repparttar 125024 majority have only outdated or partial knowledge of how they can drive new customers to their business using web-based tactics.

Like all technology-driven trends, there will be those who adapt early and those who will adapt later. THAT choice is now staringrepparttar 125025 local business owner inrepparttar 125026 eye, whether they recognize it or not.

Recently published reports predict that local online spending will reach $50 billion by 2006. The exact amount remains to be seen, butrepparttar 125027 local business owner CAN be sure, it WILL grow, and they need to be thinking aboutrepparttar 125028 local competitor who might do it sooner and better.

Tim Charles is an Internet marketing consultant and writer, based in Connecticut. He is the owner of IMC (Internet Marketing Communications), providing services to local, regional and national companies. For immediate information AND web site links about "How to Promote Your Local Business on the Internet" send an email to

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