Countdown to Mealtime: Why Low Carb Vegetarian Meals Will Make Your Day

Written by Sylvie Charrier

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================= Let Leftovers Work for You =================

If you have leftovers, but not enough to make a full meal—get creative! Figure out what you can combine your leftovers to make a masterpiece of a meal. Be sure to write down any combinations that tickled your taste buds and you might just want to make themrepparttar main dish next time around!

================= Make ‘em Frozen =================

Frozen fresh vegetables may just berepparttar 113130 perfect time-saving food. They've already been washed, peeled, and cut, so all you have to do is reheat. It almost seems too easy. Plus, if you've bought fresh frozen, you'll still get allrepparttar 113131 nutritional benefits inrepparttar 113132 bag.

================= Keep a Lid On It! =================

To quicken your cooking time, make sure your pots and pans are sealed with lid. Lids keeprepparttar 113133 steam and heat in so you'll be able to enjoy your delectable dishes sooner. In fact, keeping a lid on it not only speeds uprepparttar 113134 cooking process, it will help keep sealrepparttar 113135 tasty flavor and nutrients.

================= Mix It Up! =================

Does anyone really know what a "dash" of seasoning is? How many recipes have you found that call for a dash of salt, as pinch of pepper, and cayenne to taste? Probably too many to remember, right? Why not create your own mixed seasoning. You can come up with a creative name, like salpepcay. Rather than wasting your time finding each spice every time you cook, shake things up by mixing together your most used spices in their own container.

================= Write It Down =================

How many times have your meal plans gotten derailed when you find out that you're missingrepparttar 113136 key ingredient? Tomato soup isn't so great withoutrepparttar 113137 tomatoes! Put a magnetic memo pad on your frig and write downrepparttar 113138 names of ingredients as they run out. Bringrepparttar 113139 list with you torepparttar 113140 store each time you shop and you'll never experience a food wreck again!

Sylvie Charrier is the author of the revolutionary new book "Living La Vida Low Carb: The Vegetarian Way". As a busy work-at-home mom, she discovered simple ways to get more results from her low carb diet. She shares her recipe makeovers and health tips on her website

EASY! Homemade Breadsticks

Written by LeAnn R. Ralph

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repparttar breadsticks inrepparttar 113129 pan. Turn over to coat both sides with oil. Sprinkle with garlic powder (if desired). Bake at 400 degrees for 20 to 25 minutes until golden brown. Makes about 2 dozen breadsticks.

Breakfast treats: Instead of garlic, sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon before baking.

LeAnn R. Ralph is the author of the books "Give Me a Home Where the Dairy Cows Roam" (September 2004) and "Christmas in Dairyland (True Stories from a Wisconsin Farm) (July 2003) and "Preserve Your Family History (A Step-by-Step Guide for Interviewing Family Members and Writing Oral Histories)" (e-book; April 2004). For information about the books, visit

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