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Written by Rasik Botadra

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3.The Skilled & Unskilled Labour even today is a Prime resource for Lower value addition in India. 4.Quality Control, Lab trials & ISO accreditation Practices is a Prime criteria which companies adopt for their creditability. 5.All kinds of Packaging materials & Raw Materials are easily outsourced from Local access. For a particular Input a Producer have an option of more than 5 vendors inrepparttar Indian local competitive thriven market.. 6.New Policies & Sectors such as Special Economic Zones cut outs completely Tax burdens & overheads. 7.Indian Policies for Export is Not subsidized. Country like China whereinrepparttar 125384 Producers enjoy unreasonable government subsidies are not reliable for long term partnership. As we are not sure when can a product from China crash from global competition. 8.Information Technology as India being pioneer, have made communications made more & more faster & convenient. Designing & Branding Solutions can be provided at highly professional level, at economic costs. 9.Stringent Laws for protection of Brands & Copyrights. The Business for India is beyond private label supplies for Chain stores & Dollar Shops. We see India in near future as partnering for Giant brands of Europe & American Segments.

Amongstrepparttar 125385 Cosmetics & Toiletries, with a professional outsource job owners produces a wide range of Creams, Lotions, Talcum Powders, Tooth Pastes, Body Oil, Baby Products, Toilet Soaps, Compacts, Shampoos, Conditioners, etc. with constant knowledge & update of New-age Active Ingredients & Packaging.

I visited one ofrepparttar 125386 leading Exporters of Cosmetic Products for foreign brands. The company has complete facility for production of a wide range of cosmetic products. You may have a look at their website

Rasik Botadra is an Analyst with several business news magazines & newspapers. He can be contacted at or at Phone No.: 91-22-25007236 / 25000659

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New-age Paint Thickening & Rheological Additives: Solvitex & Solvizen

Written by Mr. R. S. Subramanium

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Amongst HEC, I personally find Cellosize of Dow asrepparttar most stable product compared to Bermocoll & Tylose.

Myself as Paint formulator & other colleagues working in different companies had a dilemma existing for selection. For cheaper Paintsrepparttar 125383 Stronger product or High Viscosity grades were used such but there always was a flocculation after some period on shelf storage. Forrepparttar 125384 Expensive ones we had to prefer Medium Viscosities grade to overcome shelf storage time. Most ofrepparttar 125385 companies carryrepparttar 125386 same practice.

When I came across Solvitex range of Thickeners I was given much competitive prices. Priced at least 10% lower than HEC based Products, but my major concern was to checkrepparttar 125387 colloidal stabilization. The Product was immediately tested and was found to perform excellent.

Apart from that, Solvitex has provided better color acceptance & and coatabilty.

Sooner we came across Solvizen developed byrepparttar 125388 same company for more economic & cheaper Price. The thickening & stability properties wasrepparttar 125389 same but economically priced.

However, The Water solution clarity of Solvizen was not as clear as of Solvitex or HECs. It was slight turbid. But when incorporated in Paints, we couldn’t find any difference. Againrepparttar 125390 Paint was stable physically observed.

As a Paint formulator from past 2 decades and based on my experiences, I suggest to all those technicians inrepparttar 125391 same field to try Solvitex & Solvizen range of Thickening agents.

For more information about solviex & solvizen one can check

Mr. R. S. Subramanium is working with Noble Paints Mfg. Co. and has more than 20 years experience in the paints industry. He can be contacted at or at Phone No.: 91-22-25007236 / 25000659

A/19, Siddhpura Ind. Estate L.B.S. Marg, Ghatkopar (W) Mumbai 400 086 Maharashtra, India. Phone No.: 91-22-25007236 / 25000659 Fax: 91-22-25000851

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