Corporate Roads Less Traveled: A Guide For Freelance Writers

Written by Mary Anne Hahn

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Marketing Departments

OK, maybe Marketing produces even more written communications than Human Resources. Product brochures, businesses proposals, and direct mail sales letters all fall underrepparttar auspices of a company's marketing efforts. This written work is often outsourced, which frees uprepparttar 129502 marketing and sales staff to study trends, identify potential new business, and make sales calls. If you have desktop publishing as well as writing experience, so muchrepparttar 129503 better.

IT (Information Technology)

Writers might not think to contact IT department heads, despiterepparttar 129504 fact thatrepparttar 129505 need for writers in this area is tremendous. Not only are technical writers needed to document system specifications or create system user guides, but nontechnical writers can assist IT withrepparttar 129506 creation of Internet site content for a company's customers, or Intranet content for its employees. People who excel in writing HTML appreciate working with those of us who excel in writing clear, crisp content.

Training Departments

My current day job title is "Document Development Coordinator" for repparttar 129507 Training department, in which I supportrepparttar 129508 trainers by creating and/or editing a wide variety training manuals and procedure materials. Let's face it, when they're actively training a class, repparttar 129509 trainers themselves have little time to research and updaterepparttar 129510 materials they use. Writing needs inrepparttar 129511 training arena include putting together corporate glossaries of terms and acronyms unique to an industry and organization, editing training and procedure docs to ensure that they're user-friendly, and trainingrepparttar 129512 trainers themselves on how to write clearly and effectively. If you as a freelancer can assist a company with these, many companies might certainly welcome your services.

You will most likely need to do a good deal of research, and make a number of telephone calls, to gatherrepparttar 129513 names ofrepparttar 129514 people who head up these various departments. Butrepparttar 129515 effort could be well worth it, in terms of uncovering dozens of "hidden markets" and new clients for freelance writing work.

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Written by Mary Anne Hahn

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3. Develop your own ezine on your favorite topic. Once summer begins to wane and people head back indoors, many of them will return to their computers in search of information. Now isrepparttar perfect time to plan an ezine, create your first few issues and begin to solicit subscriber sign ups. Not sure how to generate income with an ezine? Here's a step-by-step guide to show you how: http:/ .

4. Or maybe you prefer to write and sell books on your favorite topics instead, rather than maintain a regular ezine schedule. Again, sales for information products rise dramatically oncerepparttar 129500 days grow short andrepparttar 129501 nights grow long. Will you have yours ready by then? You can, if you start *today*. Althoughrepparttar 129502 very best guide for creating and selling your own ebooks is undoubtedly Ken Evoy's "Make Your Knowledge Sell!" (, you can also findrepparttar 129503 information you need, inexpensively, in "Your Guide to Ebook Publishing Success" (http:/

These are simply just a few ofrepparttar 129504 ways that resourceful writers can get a head start onrepparttar 129505 holiday season. For although it's true that repparttar 129506 very last thing on most people's mind in July is Christmas, you can have your writing product or service ready for them when they do.

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