Corporate Branding and Professional Logo Design

Written by Ray Smith

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Alpha-Glyph: An alpha-glyph logo uses a letter fromrepparttar name ofrepparttar 149271 company to graphically conveyrepparttar 149272 nature ofrepparttar 149273 business. At times pickingrepparttar 149274 first letter ofrepparttar 149275 company name and designing it in a particular way also do this. Ideal examples of this type of logos can be seen with Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW), IBM, Honda, Motorola, and Oklahoma State University. This type of logo is also not used very commonly and sharesrepparttar 149276 same advantages and disadvantages asrepparttar 149277 glyphs.

Alphanumeric: This is a very common type of logos and is also used by some ofrepparttar 149278 most reputed and well-known companies inrepparttar 149279 world. To name a few, Microsoft, Sony, Fed Ex etc. These logos are nothing butrepparttar 149280 name of your company written in a unique way with typographical effects. The typographic treatment gives a unique look torepparttar 149281 logo and there is generally no issue with getting a Trademark. These logos are comparatively easier for amateurs to create however to getrepparttar 149282 best effect from an alphanumeric logo itís always better to work with a professional logo designer. Choice of font, color, letter spacing etc can make big difference in creating an impressive corporate logo.

Combination Logos: This isrepparttar 149283 most common type of logos and is found everywhere. Most of these are actually glyph or alpha-glyph with an alphanumeric company name. It isrepparttar 149284 arrangement ofrepparttar 149285 company name andrepparttar 149286 image and their color combination that playsrepparttar 149287 most instrumental role inrepparttar 149288 effectiveness ofrepparttar 149289 logo. Some good examples of combination logos are UPS, Red Hat Linux and Intel.

Placing your corporate logo on all marketing collaterals including business cards, brochures, flyers etc helps you to mark those collaterals as your company property and establish your corporate identity.

Logos and marketing materials are integral part of a companyís brand establishment strategy. A logo done by an amateur can ruinrepparttar 149290 credibility of your business in no time but when done by a professional logo designer can definitely add value to your business. A professional logo designer can help you to decide which type of logo is best suited for your business and can make people perceive your company as a huge corporate house with much credibility even when it might be just an one man shop.

Itísrepparttar 149291 image ofrepparttar 149292 company that matters, if you intend to portray a positive and impressive image of your company go for a professional logo design today.

Ray Smith is a marketing Expert with years of experience in different industries and specialized knowledge on branding and internet marketing. Custom Logo Design

Web Technology in Marketing: Friend or Foe?

Written by C.J.Hayden

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Web technology is really no different than any other method of marketing your services in that you must judgerepparttar appropriateness of each strategy for your unique circumstances. If you find writing to be a chore, perhaps a regular ezine is notrepparttar 149249 best choice for you. If you only need a few large, local clients each year, you may want a web site for prospects to explore after you contact them, but not spend your money on web directory listings or search engine optimization. Autoresponder reminders may be effective to increase enrollment in public workshops, but not such a good idea to sell in-house training to corporations. Just because a strategy isrepparttar 149250 latest and greatest doesn't mean it'srepparttar 149251 best. Publishing a blog may be terrific if your target market spends a lot of time online, but not so good to reach those who rarely open their browser. Webinars can be an effective tool for attracting high-tech or corporate clients, but not for home business owners or consumers who operate older, slower computers with dial-up Internet access. Relying completely on technology to bring in clients can also give you a false sense of productivity. When you are writing copy for your web site or setting up autoresponders, you feel like you are taking action about marketing. And these activities can be important behindrepparttar 149252 scenes steps, but you shouldn't confuse them with direct outreach to prospective clients. Web copy won't make any sales until people see it, and autoresponders will have no effect until people are subscribed to them. Web technology provides just another set of marketing tools, not a complete solution. Using every marketing toolrepparttar 149253 web has to offer is not a requirement of doing business. The purpose of your marketing should be to bring you enough clients to earnrepparttar 149254 level of profit you desire. When marketing technology adds to your bottom line, it's worth employing. When it doesn't, there's no reason to use it.

C.J. Hayden is the author of Get Clients NOW! Thousands of business owners and salespeople have used her simple sales and marketing system to double or triple their income. Get a free copy of "Five Secrets to Finding All the Clients You'll Ever Need" at

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