Cornucopia Centerpiece for Thanksgiving Day

Written by Candee Stark

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Cornucopia Centerpiece:


-cone-shaped, store bought cornucopia basket -assortment of fall fruits and vegetables (small pumpkins, apples, gourds, Indian corn, nuts, and berries) -dried leaves, wheat, and other natural “fillers” -newspaper -raffia -thin sheet of plastic or plastic tray (to protect table)


1. Stuff newspaper into cornucopia basket (less harvest items will be needed withrepparttar appearance of more!)

2. Cover newspaper with a thin layer of raffia or other natural fillers.

3. Place basket on plastic

4. Place larger fruits and vegetables in basket.

5. Continue adding smaller items…allow them to spill out onrepparttar 116128 plastic (Remember, bountiful harvest!)

6. Fill in small places with berries and nuts.

7. Use leaves and other natural items to fill inrepparttar 116129 spaces; make sure protective plastic is totally covered.


Happy Thanksgiving! Please visit me at Flowers and if you would like to see a picture of the cornucopia I created or you would like to read about other decorating or garden ideas.

Inflatable Kayaks and Boats

Written by Andrew Constantine

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Quality Inflatable Boats Aren't Just Oversized Pool Rafts.

They are made with thick, reinforced fabric with several air chambers in most designs for security and stability. Many boat models can carry up to 6-7 adults and several boats haverepparttar ability to mount a trolling motor and even upwards of a 35 hp outboard motor. An excellent option for people looking for a recreational or small fishing boat that is within financial reach of most buyers.

Findingrepparttar 116127 best inflatable boat is fast and simple online. Several ofrepparttar 116128 top manufacturers sell direct only from their catalog or websites. Shipping is easy because most ofrepparttar 116129 inflatable boats come in 2 or 3 average sized boxes that transport well. Learn more aboutrepparttar 116130 different types of inflatable boats and several quality manufacturers, like Sea Eagle, that ship direct to consumers, savingrepparttar 116131 buyer time and money.

Just imaginerepparttar 116132 possibilities with inflatable boats and kayaks.

Andrew Constantine is the author of the informational website inflatable boats and kayaks for those interested in the subject.

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