Copywriting for the Non-English-Speaking Audience

Written by Amrit Hallan

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Our unique culture gives us our roots. It is sacred to us, it gives us a sense of belonging, and it always invokes strong feelings. Use it. Make your copy as familiar sounding as possible. A person reading your copy in France probably wouldn’t understand if you write, “Howdy, buddy!”

If you have to use names, userepparttar local names. If you have to talk about some city, talk about some local or national city. If you have to mention an animal, mention an indigenous animal. If you are demonstrating an emotion, demonstrate it in a local manner.


It may not sound apparent atrepparttar 108199 outset, butrepparttar 108200 more you know aboutrepparttar 108201 target-audience you are preparing your copy for,repparttar 108202 more confident you feel while writing for it. You may never use mostrepparttar 108203 information you gather, but it helps you inrepparttar 108204 long run, and you develop a good habit.

Read about them. Read about what they eat, how they greet, what they wear, what they avoid, what are their social values and their religious beliefs. Eventually you’ll discover you are talking exactly what they want to hear.

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Why Dream Merchants Make More Money

Written by Joanne L. Mason

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The same principle applies to writing winning sales letters. You must appeal torepparttar dreamer that lies inside every prospect. Help them to see your products as more than peddled goods. Build uprepparttar 108198 benefits that your product offers. Focus on fulfilling your customers desires so much that your price is seen as a minimal exchange when compared torepparttar 108199 ultimate satisfaction of achieving their goals and dreams.

Study your niche and understand what they want. Do they want to make more money and become successful in business? Do they want to save money and feel secure? Do they want to lose weight and live healthier? Discover what exactly it is that they want.

Examine your potential customers until you understandrepparttar 108200 motivational triggers that make them buy. Use this information to become a dream merchant. Tell your customers how you can help them achieve their dreams and you’ll have an instant increase in sales.

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