Copywriting and Your Five Senses

Written by Karon Thackston

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---------------------------------- As your day begins, enjoy a gourmet breakfast prepared by your own private staff who is at your disposal 24 hours a day. A gorgeous view overlooking your own crystal blue freshwater pool welcomes you to another exciting adventure in Jamaica. A morning stroll along your private, white sand beach isrepparttar perfect way to welcomerepparttar 108082 day. A fun-filled outing can consist of splashing inrepparttar 108083 surf, sunning onrepparttar 108084 beach, or napping in an authentic hand-woven hammock that cuddles every curve of your body. Atrepparttar 108085 end ofrepparttar 108086 day, you’ll have sun-kissed shoulders, a glowing bronze tan, and a phenomenal appetite. Unwind atrepparttar 108087 poolside gazebo as you prepare for a world-class dinner that rivals any five-star restaurant. Refreshing after-dinner cocktails are especially enjoyable when sipped onrepparttar 108088 terrace as nature provides an amazing display of sunsets and a soft, caressing breeze you won’t soon forget. ----------------------------------

Let’s go! “Splashing inrepparttar 108089 surf, sunning onrepparttar 108090 beach, or napping in an authentic hand-woven hammock that cuddles every curve of your body.” Can you just imagine? How about “sun-kissed shoulders, a glowing bronze tan”? That paints a picture, doesn’t it? Can you feel that warm tingling you always get after spending a day inrepparttar 108091 sun? “Nature provides an amazing display of sunsets and a soft, caressing breeze.” I’m ready! Where do I sign up?

Are you beginning to seerepparttar 108092 importance of writing truly descriptive descriptions? Your customers aren’t there. They can’t see, hear, feel, taste, or smell what you can. You have to dorepparttar 108093 next best thing and vividly depict what their sensory experiences will be like so they’ll want to buy what you have or do what you’ve done.

When you write descriptive copy, chooserepparttar 108094 senses that are most appropriate and focus on them. If you’re describing food, of course you’ll want to think about what you’re tasting, but also what you smell and see. (Presentation is just as important as taste.) If you’re writing travel copy, you’ll want to focus on sights and sounds plus feelings (relaxation, enjoyment, excitement, etc.).

Your goal is to have your readers close their eyes and genuinely, vividly imagine they are inrepparttar 108095 midst ofrepparttar 108096 same experience you are. When you accomplish that, you’ll find your sales increase as will your bank account balance!

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The Domino Theory...

Written by Phil Basten

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Because of JV alert's unique service and reach, we were able to put out a call for a joint venture partner instantly.

In walked a joint venture partner who help us getrepparttar now well-known Joe and Mable show off repparttar 108081 ground.

In its first major Joint Venture, our company, JPE Advertising was able to meet other influential marketers such as Joe Vitale, Shawn Casey, Mike Glaspie, Mark Joyner, Ken McArthur, Jim Daniels and then continue to do exclusive deals one afterrepparttar 108082 other.

It only takes one successful joint venture to open repparttar 108083 doors to many others.

If you have a great idea and some talent, it's not that hard to get yourself firmly entrenched into repparttar 108084 exciting world of Joint Ventures andrepparttar 108085 dominos will soon begin to fall your way.

Where do you start. AT JV alert.

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