Copywriting Tips for Sales-generating Brochures

Written by Karon Thackston

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Those are excellent ways to generate covers for brochures. A few examples are below. These are brochures that I’ve seen around town that made me reach for them and want to know what was inside.

“Plastic kitchen set. Dollhouse. Dollhouse furniture. Pink tricycle. $427.66. Your checking account balance… $302.86. Get what you need when you need it.” This was for a cash advance service. This particular brochure was printed beforerepparttar Christmas holidays so it had special appeal to lots of people.

“Over 3,000 babies died last year alone due to improper safety seat installations. Be SURE your child is safe!” Obviously, this was for a child safety seat inspection checkup.

These make an emotional appeal, getrepparttar 108125 readers' attention, and make them want to know more.

Inside Panel Headlines

These are just as important torepparttar 108126 process asrepparttar 108127 cover headline. Capturerepparttar 108128 true value ofrepparttar 108129 information in each section and provide it torepparttar 108130 reader withinrepparttar 108131 headline.

Information Panels

For most brochures, making a sale onrepparttar 108132 spot is notrepparttar 108133 objective. Driving traffic to a phone center or Web site is. Therefore providerepparttar 108134 most impressive product/service information onrepparttar 108135 inside panels in order to help accomplish this goal.

In addition torepparttar 108136 information about your products/services, incorporate calls-to-action like:

“Call today for full details.” “Visit our Web site to seerepparttar 108137 complete color selection.” “Customer service specialists are waiting for your call.”

Once you understandrepparttar 108138 goals of your brochure, incorporate compelling headlines, and include a cover section that generates interest, you are more likely to see success from your brochure.

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How To Test The Body Of Your Sales Copy For Weaknesses

Written by Rich Hamilton, Jr

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Let me give you another example, so that you can clearly understand this technique. Going back torepparttar previous example, let's say your visitors where not clicking on link 4, but where clicking on links 5 & 6. In this case, ifrepparttar 108124 number of clicks on link 3 are equal or close torepparttar 108125 number of clicks on links 5 & 6, then you will find thatrepparttar 108126 weakness will be after link 6. If you are wondering why your visitors are not clicking through link 4 it is, becauserepparttar 108127 link may not be captivating enough for them.

If you find that your visitors are not clicking on your first few links, than it safe to assume one of two things. One is, your headline, sub-headline, and/or opening statement may be weak. You probably haven't grabbed your visitor's attention or established their interest enough by compel them to read on. The other is,repparttar 108128 traffic going to your web site is untargeted, therefore, you should concentrate on generating traffic that is more targeted.

Test And Repeat The Process

Once you are able to identify whererepparttar 108129 weakness is, then all you have to do is tweak it and test it. Testing isrepparttar 108130 only way to know ifrepparttar 108131 changes you have made have increased or decreased your visitors clicking patterns. In other words, did your visitors clicking patterns increase by surpassingrepparttar 108132 previous link number they have been clicking on, or didrepparttar 108133 click throughs decrease becauserepparttar 108134 traffic didn't click trough beyondrepparttar 108135 previous link number.

After you are able to determined thatrepparttar 108136 changes you have made have either increased or decreasedrepparttar 108137 clicking patterns of your visitors. You will need to repeatrepparttar 108138 complete process until you have a strong click through rate throughrepparttar 108139 entire body of your sales copy.

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