"Copywriting Secrets Of The Indian Mystics"

Written by Dave Alston

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Each little copywriting ‘word boat’ is saturated with an invisible (to you but not your readers), almost DNA like substance which betrays who you really are to everyone who reads what you write.

Eek! Kinda scarey…

So putting your best food forward for business doesn’t mean covering uprepparttar nasty bits and hoping folks won’t find them. Their ’sixth sense’ tells them to avoid you or do business with you becauserepparttar 108039 ’substance’ leaks out fromrepparttar 108040 little boats to alert them to whorepparttar 108041 real you is, whether you like it or not.

Rather, you fix what’s wrong in your business, align who and what you are with an honest decent direction and let that saturate all your future messages as you roll out your campaigns to winrepparttar 108042 world. Then your transparency will win you friends and business… you become attractive.

Never forget when your words drop through someones letter box, email box or arrive throughrepparttar 108043 ether on a telephone wire folks instantly know deep in their gut whether you’rerepparttar 108044 ‘real deal’ or not.

You can’t hide it - when you wrote your copy or launched into your sales pitch you filled your ‘little boat’ with who you really are, your own unique DNA … probably without even knowing it.

Think about your copywriting this way; yes you’ve got to grab attention, giverepparttar 108045 other person what they want, see things from their perspective, give themrepparttar 108046 benefits up front etc but when it comes to your USP and what makes YOU special, make sure your entire message is drenched in your unique, niche tailored, custom fitted, perfectly targeted USP… but it must be done with absolute honesty or they will know, they just will.

I remember years ago working for a photocopying company - I wasrepparttar 108047 best inrepparttar 108048 whole company at getting appointments yet useless at selling them if I went on an appointment; why? Because although I’d admitted it to no one including myself atrepparttar 108049 time - I hated photocopiers (they are so boring) andrepparttar 108050 people could instantly tell that when I spoke about them.

Onrepparttar 108051 other hand I loved getting appointments forrepparttar 108052 company (I secretly hopedrepparttar 108053 boss would sendrepparttar 108054 other ‘good reps’ onrepparttar 108055 calls) and that’s why I did so well at setting them, people were instantly turned on by my words downrepparttar 108056 phone to them because I was passionate about lead generation.

My boats were full to torepparttar 108057 top with unique ‘Dave Alston-ness!’ and people loved it so they set appointments with me.

You also need to be special, unique, different for someone to do business with you these days because folks can so easily go somewhere else atrepparttar 108058 click of a mouse - align your business with who you really should be.

Ensure every word you say, or write is filled torepparttar 108059 brim withrepparttar 108060 right spirit and true integrity and allowrepparttar 108061 ’sea’ to carry each ‘little boat’ directly into every single heart you target. You’ll be amazed at what happens.

Make no mistake, in these increasingly impersonal and troubled times people value enriching business ‘partnerships’ they can rely on and will give them their business. But you’ll only get them by targetingrepparttar 108062 heart… and they’ll only let you in if they can instantly sense they can trust you.

People want to know you care - they’ll sense it instantly; good or bad, when your ‘word ship’ arrives whether you want them to or not. So why not examine all your words verbal and written from how your small business answersrepparttar 108063 phone, your voice mails, your sales letters, autoresponder messages, right through to your web site content? Replace defective words with heart to heart communication instead.

Check if your communications really are brimming withrepparttar 108064 good stuff you want others to see in your business when they get word from you. Don’t send them containers full of refuse with your good companies name on it without even realising it. The world’s got too much of it already… spam. Send out a little fleet of ‘word ships’ filled with gold to make peoples lives better instead.

That’s just one tiny copywriting secret I’ve gleaned so far fromrepparttar 108065 Indian Mystics. Keep your eyes peeled forrepparttar 108066 next article it’s ‘The Indian Rope Trick’.

Dave Alston is the Author of 'Revealed: The Hidden Truth About Web Design' and owner of http://www.aceofwebs.com - small business web success driven by crystal clear copywriting. Subscribe to his 'Ace Tips' marketing RSS feed by copying and pasting http://www.aceofwebs.co.uk/rss/wp-rss2.php into your RSS Reader.

"The Psychology Of Scarcity - Less Is More If You Want Faster Sales From Your Web Copywriting"

Written by Dave Alston

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5) Give special 'insider access' passes or memberships torepparttar first 20 respondents etc or if your visitors order before a deadline. You increase value and evoke quick response by limitingrepparttar 108038 number of memberships available. Tell folks atrepparttar 108039 same time - "... in a few days our national advertising campaign will be rolled out and these 20 memberships are likely to be snapped up within minutes, order now to secure yours." etc.

6) Give forward dated 'Future Proofed' Discount Vouchers for future product releases - for example, "Buy a X widget right now at £199.00 and you'll get our brand new Y software at £99.00 when we release it next month. That's a whole £100.00 offrepparttar 108040 Y software retail price of £199.00. Lock this discount in today by buying your X widget NOW and save yourself a whole £100.00."

Then make this offer even more powerful by number limiting this 'future' offer too. Say something like "Obviously we can't make this offer available to everyone or our profits on next months new release would be affected but we would like to say a special 'thank you' to you as a valued client if you've bought an X widget. As a result we're willing to give you a very special £100.00 discount onrepparttar 108041 new Y software, but sadly we can only offer this torepparttar 108042 first 50 respondents forrepparttar 108043 reason I mentioned earlier. Please act now and purchase your X widget and I'll be happy to lock in your special £100.00 Y software discount right now.

7) Show dramatic visual countdowns to increaserepparttar 108044 sense of scarcity - when running a promo that limits purchasers to say 50 copies of a book or manual, special health clinics etc then countdownrepparttar 108045 progress ofrepparttar 108046 sales before your prospects eyes. On Monday atrepparttar 108047 start ofrepparttar 108048 promo you only had 47 left, a week later 24, then 12, 7, 3 etc. This is very gripping and effective in any industry.

When you make your product so scarce it literally disappears before visitors eyes they want it allrepparttar 108049 more. Nowadays you can get little javascript codes to insert into your pages, or pop ups to make this 'live' countdown seem very real indeed and it's extremely effective.

8) Add value to your product by tying a celebrity name to it - for example "Aretha Franklin swears by our nutritional vitamin syrup because she says it makes her feel like she's seventeen again and protects her vulnerable vocal chords so she can sing like an angel..."

Other nutritional syrups are basicallyrepparttar 108050 same but yours would berepparttar 108051 only one used and endorsed by a famous celebrity. It may not be possible to get Aretha Franklin but with a little imagination you're likely to be surprised atrepparttar 108052 folks you could team up with like this. Their end ofrepparttar 108053 deal is they get extra exposure, or even a share inrepparttar 108054 sales fromrepparttar 108055 promo you run.

9) Tie up with other related business owners and run a dual promo offering a unique 'Double Whammy' product - As an example a specialist seat cover maker could do something alongrepparttar 108056 lines of...

"Order One Set Of Super Soft Custom Leather Car Seat Covers and our friends at Alloy Wheel Kings will give you a full set of alloy wheels at 50% discount. Obviously this is such an incredible deal we can only afford to letrepparttar 108057 first 25 respondents participate in this promotion which we expect to be sold out by next wednesday. Please book your covers now - click here"

NB: You really need to give such a humdinger of a deal to make this kind of offer fly offrepparttar 108058 page - 15% offrepparttar 108059 alloys example above wouldn't be enough. Ifrepparttar 108060 owner of 'Alloy Wheel Kings' feels there's not enough profit inrepparttar 108061 deal by giving away 50% onrepparttar 108062 alloys then you'd offer to enhance his profit by building in some extra 'fat' inrepparttar 108063 price of your 'Super Soft Custom Leather Car Covers'. You getrepparttar 108064 picture, but rememberrepparttar 108065 betterrepparttar 108066 offerrepparttar 108067 faster it flies.

The best part about this type of special 'dual deal' is you create a very scarce and unique product in your market which your competition don't have. Sure there may be thousands of car seat cover manufacturers but none that also bundle in superb alloys with their deals. That'd make you stand out in a crowded marketplace wouldn't it?

Okay that's enough for now, I'm sure you getrepparttar 108068 idea.

Hopefully this sprinkling of 'scarcity' mechanisms will inspire you to employ them in your own headlines and throughout your web copywriting. You don't need to be garish or loud or use screaming titles etc to get your message across and get serious buyers reading. If you state simply and clearly, a genuinely scarce commodity is available to a hungry targeted market who you know beforehand want what you have, and you strive as your copy continues to make it almost literally 'disappear before their eyes', folks won't stop reading, and if you've done it correctly they'll order atrepparttar 108069 end... sophisticat or not. Remember, you've got to get them 'inrepparttar 108070 gut' bypassingrepparttar 108071 intricate sales filters of your prospects minds, and this is one ofrepparttar 108072 very best ways to do it - try it and enjoy watching what happens.

Dave Alston is the Author of 'Revealed: The Hidden Truth About Web Design' and owner of http://www.aceofwebs.com - small business web success driven by crystal clear copywriting. Subscribe to his 'Ace Tips' marketing RSS feed by copying and pasting http://www.aceofwebs.co.uk/rss/wp-rss2.php into your RSS Reader.

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