Copywriting Makeover: Search Engine-Friendly Can Also Mean Visitor-Friendly

Written by Karon Thackston

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The Rewrite

For this particular page,repparttar target customer was someone in need of wedding entertainment. The visitor might be a bride orrepparttar 139256 mother of a bride looking for a wedding band (a wedding music band, that is), a DJ or some other form of wedding reception music. Most oftenrepparttar 139257 site visitor was a bride, however.

I never want to include copy strictly for SEO purposes if possible. The copy should always have a dual purpose: to helprepparttar 139258 visitor and to boost rankings. To accomplish this with,repparttar 139259 introductory paragraph of copy spoke directly torepparttar 139260 bride-to-be. It gave herrepparttar 139261 feeling that understood how importantrepparttar 139262 music for her wedding and reception are.

Under each music classification,repparttar 139263 bride was given ideas or suggestions. Statements like, "The gentle melodies played by a harpist or flutist duringrepparttar 139264 prelude to your ceremony can add an air of distinction" and " Do you want your guests to dance? Consider a Latin band or swing band to pick uprepparttar 139265 beat" prompted visitors to think through their selections and evaluate all their options before deciding.

Each section of copy used at least one primary keyphrase to boost support of those terms withrepparttar 139266 engines. The copy was carefully written so as not to sound forced or stiff when including search terms.

The Results

You can viewrepparttar 139267 updated copy here: What happened afterrepparttar 139268 changes? Within just a few weeksrepparttar 139269 page began to rise in rankings dramatically! Currently,repparttar 139270 page has great rankings with various engines for various keyphrases - several inrepparttar 139271 top 10 with Google and Yahoo.

And conversions? They are holding steady if not increased some according to site partner Kevin Kinyon, further proving that search engine copywriting can be helpful to real people, too.

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Content Generation for the new search engine and searcher

Written by Mick Sawyer

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I have considered what constities good copy and integrated what i have learned withrepparttar modern lifestyle which is much shorter on time than 30 years ago whenrepparttar 139215 book i bought was first published.

The modern attentian span is much shorter than it was inrepparttar 139216 past and i integrate this into my articles and writing by makingrepparttar 139217 blocks of text a lot smaler than is reccommended in books of yesteryear and it is more or a bite size chunk now.

One ofrepparttar 139218 things i do notice is thatrepparttar 139219 modern reader and typer no longer needs to haverepparttar 139220 full amount of letters inrepparttar 139221 words and as an example you are now free to use m8 instead of mate which has been used forrepparttar 139222 last few decades.

Mick is a Black Hat Seo and has been in business on the internet for over 4 years. This article can be reproduced freely as long as you include a live link to with the `anchor text` Articlebot Content Generator

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