Copywriting Makeover: Making An Emotional Connection - Part 2 of 2

Written by Karon Thackston

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And, of course, there wasrepparttar matter of letting visitors know that they would get a better bargain and save more on their luxury cruise if they booked online.

Starting atrepparttar 108071 top, I changedrepparttar 108072 headline of:

“Planning quality discount cruises for you since 1993!”


“Book Your Exotic Cruise Vacation Online and Get Rock-Bottom Prices torepparttar 108073 Hottest Destinations”

Next, I immediately began to enticerepparttar 108074 visitor with visions of what s/he could expect - from their vacation and from CVC.

Rather than talk aboutrepparttar 108075 company directly asrepparttar 108076 original copy did:

“Dreaming of a cruise but don't want to pay full price? Cruise Vacation Center is one ofrepparttar 108077 nation's largest cruise agencies.”

I startedrepparttar 108078 copy with this:

“Just imagine… you’re walking alongrepparttar 108079 deck of a grand cruise vessel as it gently keeps rhythm withrepparttar 108080 waves. The sun is on your shoulders and a soothing breeze wafts through your hair.”

I continued to buildrepparttar 108081 new copy with phrases like: “wander your way throughrepparttar 108082 medieval castles,” “stunning gardens ofrepparttar 108083 Mediterranean,” and “oceanfront luau in Hawaii,” while intermixing statements including: “deep discounts,” “book securely online,” and so on.

Allrepparttar 108084 while, I was dropping reminders to book online forrepparttar 108085 biggest savings and offering explanations about why that would benefitrepparttar 108086 visitor.

The call-to-action was designed to reinforcerepparttar 108087 idea thatrepparttar 108088 customer *could* get more vacation choices for their money with CVC.

You can seerepparttar 108089 end results for yourself at

The Results

It’s fun to see how these makeovers turn out. What did my client have to say? The response was astonishing and immediate. “…Weekend sales tripled! Usually around 10 online books overrepparttar 108090 weekend. Last weekend had 30! [Also], they re-indexed andrepparttar 108091 home page moved up [two positions] for ‘cruise vacation.’ It has a great lead-in onrepparttar 108092 search page, too.”

Man… I just love my job!

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Boost your selling power with your call-to-action phrases

Written by Vanessa Selene Williams

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Another helpful hint, don’t save your call-to-action phrase for last. Place them throughout your copy. Incorporate phrases like: Purchase our product today and…. Pick uprepparttar phone and call and you’ll learn....

Already have a decent call-to-action? Pump it up. Include every possible way customers can contact and buy from you. Give an example of how you’ll make their life better and easier. This could be. Buy this power broom today and it’ll cut your cleaning time by 75%. Imagine what you can with an extra three hours each week.

Want some more examples? Here are some courtesy of my mailbox.

“Hurry! This “free sample invitation” & FREE GIFT offer won’t last long. Just mail backrepparttar 108070 FREE-SAMPLE certificate today. So you don’t miss it.”

“Classes begin throughoutrepparttar 108071 year, so there’s no better time to start than now. Call 1-xxx-xxx-xxxx today”

“Do it today. Enroll online. Mail your Risk-Free Trial Certificate. Or call 1-xxx-xxx-xxxx now” See how easy they made it to respond.

Get an unbeatable 0% APR FOR LIFE on transferred balances withrepparttar 108072 xxxxxxxx Platinum Card. It’s easy – just fill outrepparttar 108073 Application below and mail it today!

So, what are you waiting for? Go plant those call-to-action phrases in your copy and watch your business grow…right now.

Vanessa Selene Williams an independent writer who writes for businesses and corporations. Visit her online at or email her at to learn more.

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