Copywriting Makeover: Know Where Your Customers Are In The Buying Process Part 1 of 2

Written by Karon Thackston

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The Solution

As always, I startedrepparttar project by gaining a good understanding of whorepparttar 108108 target customers were, what they wanted, their fears, their likes, their dislikes, and anything else I could discover. After a good bit of research, and after readingrepparttar 108109 completed target audience analysis from AEwebworks, I felt I had a good understanding of those I would be writing to.

In order to combatrepparttar 108110 lack of synergy withinrepparttar 108111 copy andrepparttar 108112 lack of focus onrepparttar 108113 target customer’s buying process, I created a copywriting plan. From my research I found that installation, upgrade policies, and support wererepparttar 108114 three most common gripes buyers had about dating software. I decided to make overcoming those obstaclesrepparttar 108115 focal point ofrepparttar 108116 copy instead ofrepparttar 108117 actual features and benefits.

That may sound like an odd choice, but that’s where recognition ofrepparttar 108118 buying process comes in. Considering thatrepparttar 108119 majority of visitors torepparttar 108120 site had already maderepparttar 108121 decision to launch a new site or had chosen to upgrade an existing site, they were already well versed inrepparttar 108122 features of dating-site software and their associated benefits. Yes…repparttar 108123 benefits did need to be mentioned; however, other issues proved to be more pressing to this particular group of customers.

The use of testimonials onrepparttar 108124 home page was easily corrected by simply deletingrepparttar 108125 ones that did not directly apply to actual users ofrepparttar 108126 software. I chose two for use withinrepparttar 108127 copy and suggested that, as AEwebworks gets more testimonials, they create an entire page that visitors can read.

That left me with overcomingrepparttar 108128 inability ofrepparttar 108129 current copy to supportrepparttar 108130 search engine goals ofrepparttar 108131 site. I suggested AEwebworks review their keyword choices to be sure they were targetingrepparttar 108132 ones most likely to bring in qualified customers. After a review, they provided me with a revised list to choose from.

I selected three keyphrases for each page in order to allow an adequate level of both keyword saturation and natural language. Forrepparttar 108133 home page,repparttar 108134 terms “dating software,” “online dating software,” and “dating script” were used.

After allrepparttar 108135 hoopla with Google, AEwebworks was in foul shape as far as search engine rankings were concerned. I had to pay particular attention to creating copy that impressedrepparttar 108136 search engines AND their site visitors in order to help them regain ground with their positioning and sales efforts.

The plan was in place. Now “all” I had to do was writerepparttar 108137 copy. In part two of this series, you’ll get allrepparttar 108138 details on how I turned “OK” into “Wow!”

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About Your Copyright

Written by Susan Dunn, MA, Marketing Coach

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According torepparttar U. S. Copyright Office,repparttar 108107 following “works of authorship” are covered:

1.Literary works 2.Musical works, including any accompanying words 3.Dramatic works, including any accompanying music 4.Pantomimes and choreographic works 5.Pictorial, graphic and sculptural works 6.Motion pictures and other audiovisual works 7.Sound recordings 8.Architectural works

Immediatelyrepparttar 108108 minute you create your work in “fixed form” it is your property.

The U. S. Copyright office specifies that all these categories should be taken broadly. For instance a map could be registered as “pictorial work.” There are benefits to registering, of course.

But do understand that someone else’s work is copyrighted whether there’srepparttar 108109 symbol on it. Respectrepparttar 108110 international copyright law! When in doubt, contactrepparttar 108111 person for permission.

For more information, go here: .

And of course always check with an intellectual property attorney for legal information.

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