Copywriting Makeover: Itís Not About YOU, Itís About THEM

Written by Karon Thackston

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The search engine optimization (SEO) aspect ofrepparttar copy came easily. The terms ďscented candlesĒ and ďsoy candlesĒ flowed naturally as I createdrepparttar 108133 copy so my primary goal was to use these phrases in power positions (likerepparttar 108134 headline and sub-heads). Iíd also place them as often as I could without makingrepparttar 108135 copy sound stiff or forced.

The Rewrite

You can viewrepparttar 108136 new copy here ( As you can see,repparttar 108137 new version immediately begins to enticerepparttar 108138 site visitor. Everything she wants from a scented candle is laid out before herÖ and some things she might not have known she wanted.

I began to pique interest in soy candles (as opposed to traditional wax candles found in stores) by immediately outliningrepparttar 108139 advantages soy candles offer. From there I played onrepparttar 108140 fragrance (the most important characteristic according torepparttar 108141 National Candle Association).

I ledrepparttar 108142 customer through a mental tour of their home - lighting candles for a special dinner, enjoyingrepparttar 108143 glow as they snuggled with a good book, and havingrepparttar 108144 unmistakable fragrances only soy candles offer wafting through their homes.

A final keyphrase-rich benefits list of why soy candles are superior to traditional wax candles and an emotional call-to-action wrapped uprepparttar 108145 copy.

The Results

I thinkrepparttar 108146 results ofrepparttar 108147 copywriting makeover are best stated by Dan himself.

"Thank you! Sales have increase even beforerepparttar 108148 holiday season and my rankings have improved, too. Right now I am #1 forrepparttar 108149 term 'soy candles' (previously ranked at #4), and I'm at #7 for 'scented candles'... a huge jump up from #17!"

So, as you can see, takingrepparttar 108150 focus offrepparttar 108151 product or company and putting where it should be (onrepparttar 108152 customer) makes a tremendous difference. Sales naturally increase whenrepparttar 108153 customer feels he/she isrepparttar 108154 reason for your existence. Take some time now to look back over your copy. Is it company focused? If so, learning to write specifically for your customers can turn your sales around almost immediately.

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"3 Quick Tips To Becoming An Instant Copywriting Genius"

Written by Ewen Chia

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Write your copy from their view and put yourself in their shoes. Think like them and you'll build a subconscious rapport that wins them over.

Throughout your copy, ask questions they would ask.

Write fromrepparttar heart and answer these questions.

Ask yourself too : "would YOU buy this product yourself if you're readingrepparttar 108132 copy you wrote?"

Identifying with your prospects must begin right fromrepparttar 108133 headline down to repparttar 108134 final P.S.

(3) Create The Achieved End Results

Here's a tip that works like crazy.

Createrepparttar 108135 actual OR perceived end results write atrepparttar 108136 beginning of your copy. Give specific details. Continue to emphasize these results and benefits throughout your letter.

Give a 'tangible' feel to what can be achieve IF they buy, and what they'll lose if they don't.

A simple example...

Don't write : "You'll receive unlimited traffic to your website everyday!"

So? What does that achieve?

Write instead : "Generate 1000% more traffic, subscribers AND sales with less than 5 minutes work!"

This showsrepparttar 108137 end results more clearly.

Copywriting's easy if you knowrepparttar 108138 right techniques.

Applyrepparttar 108139 above 3 tips and you'll be improving your own copy quickly ... without spending hundreds of dollars or hours on copywriting courses or ebooks. Try it.

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