Coping with a Serious Data Loss from your Computer Hard Drive

Written by Darryl Peddle

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Data recovery specialists are innovative problem solvers. Often,repparttar application of basic common sense, when no-one else is in any condition to apply it, isrepparttar 133480 beginning ofrepparttar 133481 journey towards data recovery. The data recovery specialist draws on a wealth of experience, married to a "never say die" attitude, and a comprehensive tool kit of problem-solving procedures. Successful recovery outcomes hinge on a combination of innovative logistics, applied problem-solving, and "technology triage,"repparttar 133482 process of stabilizing an affected system quickly, analyzing and treating its wounds, and preparing it for surgery. The triage process sets priorities, such as targeting which files are needed first or which are absolutely vital torepparttar 133483 functioning ofrepparttar 133484 business, and establishes whether files might be recovered in less structured formats (such as text-only), which may be desirable when time is crucial.

The art and science of professional data recovery can spellrepparttar 133485 difference between a business' success or its failure. Before that level of intervention is required, though, users can take steps to ensure thatrepparttar 133486 probability of a data loss disaster is minimized.

Basic to any business technology plan is a regular fire-drill procedure. Back-up routines may be in place, staff may assigned to specific roles, hardware and software may be configured - but, ifrepparttar 133487 user isn't completely sure that everything worksrepparttar 133488 way it should, a data loss event is inevitable. Having adequate, tested, and current backups in place is critical. A hardware breakdown should not be compounded by human error - ifrepparttar 133489 malfunctioning drive is critical,repparttar 133490 task of dealing with it should go to a data recovery professional.

Just as data loss disasters are rooted in a combination of mechanical failure and human error, so, too,repparttar 133491 data recovery solution lies in a creative marriage ofrepparttar 133492 technological andrepparttar 133493 human. The underlying philosophy of successful data recovery is that technology is something to be used by human beings, not something that uses us.

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NextWest, Inc. to Demonstrate PCXi and NextContact IP-based Communications Solutions at ACCE 2004

Written by NextWest, Inc.

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With cost-effective solutions that are flexible, scalable, reliable and easy to manage, NextWest delivers uncompromising quality and features resulting inrepparttar some ofrepparttar 133479 fastest ROI times inrepparttar 133480 industry. NextWest’s award winning PCXi and NextContact Call Center Solutions are backed byrepparttar 133481 world class service and support of NextWest Certified Engineers.

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About ACCE CMP Media’s Converging Communications Group (CCG) produces five trade events each year coveringrepparttar 133482 hottest topics drivingrepparttar 133483 telecommunications industry. These events, including Call Center Demo & Conference, coverrepparttar 133484 convergence and broadening application of CTI technologies,repparttar 133485 Internet Telecom revolution, customer relationship management,repparttar 133486 evolution of traditional call centers into web-based, multimedia contact centers, andrepparttar 133487 use of old economy customer service standards in online transactions. CCG Expos take a leadership role in defining and redefiningrepparttar 133488 future of telecommunications.

For information onrepparttar 133489 CMP Media, Converging Communications Group events and related properties, visit, ,, or Press and analysts interested in attendingrepparttar 133490 events should contact Marci Silverman (212) 600-3326,

NextWest, Inc., headquartered in Tucson, AZ., is a leading manufacturer of IP-based business telecommunications and contact center systems. Our rock-solid, fully-integrated, IP and converged communications systems help small to mid-sized businesses, government agencies and other institutions to meet their growing telecommunications needs.

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