Coping with YOUR "UN-Subscribers"

Written by Laurie Rogers

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The trick to "avoiding"repparttar majority ofrepparttar 124287 rudeness that CAN arise from people trying to unsubscribe to your ezine, is to make it as EASY as possible. And if possible, provide an unsubscribe email address and "clickable" unsubscribe link in EVERY single issue. This way if one doesn't function there is ALWAYS an alternative thatrepparttar 124288 person can use.

I also recommend that you use a "no-reply@yourdomain" to send your ezine from, triggered by an automated msg, so that way, you are less likely to have people usingrepparttar 124289 reply function to unsubscribe. Your automated message should consist of "CLEAR instructions" on HOW they can remove themselves from your list - that is all it needs in order to be effective.

If your subscriber STILL does NOT getrepparttar 124290 hint on HOW to remove themselves from your list and decides to cuss you out - KILL them with KINDNESS. Although I do know there will be times when they will just get your blood in a "boiling mode" - be as POLITE as possible. Let them be repparttar 124291 one to make a "MORON" out of themselves. But for some reason NOTHING gets under a RUDE persons skin, MORE than YOU being nice.

My last bit of advice is for you NOT to get offended at all when someone "unsubscribes" to your ezine. I have seen some people get down right "emotional" overrepparttar 124292 thought of this. Just keep in mind, there are PLENTY of GREAT subscribers out there that are MORE than willing to read YOUR ezine.

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Ezine Subscribers Want More than a Free Ezine

Written by David McKenzie

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2. Free Email Course

Set up a free email course and offer it as a bonus for subscribing. Once again, make it available by autoresponder. Set it up so thatrepparttar email course starts as soon as someone has subscribed.

Again, make it really easy. When they subscribe torepparttar 124286 ezine, tell them they will start receivingrepparttar 124287 bonus email course immediately.

Unfortunately it is not enough to give away a free ezine just by itself. You have to give away a bonus as well and you have to makerepparttar 124288 bonus enticing.

With a free ebook or email course you can set it up automatically with an autoresponder so that once it is up and running there is no more work to do.

Using a bonus to get subscribers will certainly increaserepparttar 124289 number of subscribers you get. And that really isrepparttar 124290 objective forrepparttar 124291 ezine publisher – to get more subscribers!

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