Coping With Spam Accusations

Written by Laurie Rogers

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3.) Record their IP Address, you do not have to tell them that you are doing it, but do it. Although IP Adresses CAN be forged, if they are not aware that you ARE doing it,repparttar chances are it will be REAL. If you do NOT know how to do this, just copy and paste this code into your subscription form. Copy - input type=hidden name="env_report" value= "Remote_host,Remote_Addr"

4.) Make all fields on your form REQUIRED and if someone has a FISHY looking email address, don't add them to your list. Here isrepparttar 132761 code necessary for making all of your fields required. input type=hidden name="required" value="first name,lastname,email"

5.) If they persist that your ezine is "SPAM", your best bet is to contact your ISP and web host immediately. Make them aware ofrepparttar 132762 situation and also forward them a copy ofrepparttar 132763 persons subscription request (with full headers) and ALL correspondence withrepparttar 132764 complainant (full headers). In most cases your ISP will appreciate your honesty and nothing will come of it, even ifrepparttar 132765 person DOES complain.

6.) My last bit of advice is, try to maintain a good working relationship with your ISP and web host. Both my ISP and web hosts are all well aware of what I do online, they also know I take ALL ofrepparttar 132766 precautions that I can in respect to my businesses. Overrepparttar 132767 past few years I have gotten to know them on a "personal" level - which is nothing but a BENEFIT to me inrepparttar 132768 long run, should a situation such as this should arise. And I encourage you to dorepparttar 132769 same ;o)

If you have been falsely accused of spamming or are now being blocked because of it, you CAN fight back! Go to: and file your complaint, as there is a pending lawsuit against "Anti-Spammers", ISP's and hosts that utilize these programs.

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The Harvesters Part 2

Written by Laurie Rogers

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Is there some kind of contest out there that we've been missing? Do they offer awards for this kind of junk? I'm curious because, nobody buys their stuff, so what EXACTLY isrepparttar incentive? If it is a contest what qualifies you?

*The Most Creative Spammer

*The Spammer - who actually got "A" sale!

*The Spammer - who's ISP never got shut down for a month!

*The Spammer - with most FAKE addresses

*The Most ANNOYING Spammer

What do you win if you qualify? 5 million FAKE email addresses? Cause you know they're not going to give out a REAL prize! (Once a con always a con) And do they all compete for Spammer ofrepparttar 132759 Year? It sure seems like it! The fact is life goes on, and no matter where you go and what you do, there will always some "STUPID" moron that just HAS to breakrepparttar 132760 rules!

P.S. Try not wear out that good old delete key!

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