Coping With Cancer-A Family View

Written by Paul Curran

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Family & friends should keep a close eye on each other if possible. Following such a trauma it is oftenrepparttar case that people will shut themselves away and shun any social contact. Pick uprepparttar 147439 telephone and call each other. Keeping in touch with someone who has lost a husband, wife or partner is very, very important.

They have been used to being with a particular person, often for decades, so try to imaginerepparttar 147440 shock when that person is taken away from them; especially if it is sudden. Try to arrange some event (the theatre, a film etc) so that they will still feel part ofrepparttar 147441 'family' and it will get them socialising again.

It is natural to be more attentive immediately afterrepparttar 147442 event but don't let it slip into long periods between contact inrepparttar 147443 future.

They say 'Time Heals'. I say that 'Time makes it hurt less'.

Atrepparttar 147444 end ofrepparttar 147445 day death is part of life. We just need to learn to cope with it.

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Indoor Air Quality - Air Quality Test – The Air Purifier Test That You Can Do Yourself, Today!

Written by Tom Downward

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1. Obtain a new sterile “T-salt” Petri Dish.

2. Placerepparttar dish in a room to be tested.

Authors note: Positionrepparttar 147438 dish in an area that will allow a representative sample to be taken. That usually means to placerepparttar 147439 dish away from ventilation ducts and doorways (but not always). File cabinets and desktops are good places for dish placement. Avoid getting close torepparttar 147440 ceiling orrepparttar 147441 floor, that’s critical.

3. Petri Dishes may be used directly in duct works if you need this type of testing.

4. Removerepparttar 147442 Petri Dish cover and pourrepparttar 147443 liquid nutrient intorepparttar 147444 base ofrepparttar 147445 dish. Gently swirlrepparttar 147446 dish to ensurerepparttar 147447 bottom is covered.

5. Start your timing (use 30 or 60 minutes; I always use 60 minutes).

6. Oncerepparttar 147448 exposure period is up, placerepparttar 147449 cover onrepparttar 147450 dish and incubaterepparttar 147451 dish for a period of 48 hours at room temperature. If you placerepparttar 147452 dish in a warmer environment, say a sunlit window sill, (80 to 100 degrees)repparttar 147453 count can be made after 24 hours has expired.

7. Afterrepparttar 147454 incubation period, count allrepparttar 147455 growths onrepparttar 147456 dish. When using T-salt Dishes (used to make counting easier),repparttar 147457 bacteria will appear as red “dots” or colonies. Fuzzy colonies may be present and that usually indicates mold. White colonies usually indicate yeasts.

Keep in mind that none, one or all these conditions may exist. At this point you have some reliable information. Now, look forrepparttar 147458 source of air quality problems. Example; where there is mold there is water. Find it. And look forrepparttar 147459 BEST solution.

Do you buy an air purifier? Perhaps but, decisions based on any idea that does not include a solid test cannot be relied upon to be a good decision.

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