Cooling Towers - the Industrial Workhorses

Written by Thomas Yoon

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The characteristic shape of these cooling towers is usually rectangular shape. Depending onrepparttar design, there may be several small fans installed atrepparttar 133426 top ofrepparttar 133427 cooling tower. However,repparttar 133428 fan(s) may also be located atrepparttar 133429 sides ofrepparttar 133430 cooling tower andrepparttar 133431 air may be ducted.

The counter-flow type of cooling tower makes use of air flowing inrepparttar 133432 opposite direction and againstrepparttar 133433 flow ofrepparttar 133434 water. In one design, water flows out through rotating spreader arms to distributerepparttar 133435 water and let it drop throughrepparttar 133436 plastic diffusers evenly.

In this design,repparttar 133437 shape ofrepparttar 133438 cooling tower is a bottle shape. It is fitted with one single large fan to suckrepparttar 133439 air to createrepparttar 133440 airflow. The diameter ofrepparttar 133441 area whererepparttar 133442 heat exchange takes place is made larger so that more contact surfaces is exposed. The fan is heavy and huge. Its speed is usually made lower than that ofrepparttar 133443 motor byrepparttar 133444 use of reduction gears.

There may be a few designs. Some use fans located atrepparttar 133445 bottom, some have fans atrepparttar 133446 top, some have large fans, some make use of several small fans.

The materials used in cooling towers have to be selected to be able to withstand ultraviolet ray exposure fromrepparttar 133447 sun, moisture and other outdoor weather effects.

Cooling towers are truly rugged workhorses of industry.

Folks, be cool!

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CleverDocs for IFAs - Compliance, Relationship and Document Management system specifically for Independent Financial Advisors

Written by Sarah Seddon

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From 2005repparttar new FSA regulations will demand increased transparency and compliance auditability. Simon Hill, Managing Director of Denyer says “while creating a new way of selling insurance, it became apparent that we also had to transact our business in a new way. The cost of dealing with paper has always been a key factor in operating a paper based business. The creation of CleverDocs has allowed us to automate many processes. From an initial interest on our website through to policy acceptance and follow-up we have been able to makerepparttar 133425 most of our key processes to become paperless and yet retainrepparttar 133426 feel, as far as clients are concerned, that we are looking after their needs in a traditional manner.”

CleverDocs was created on time, on budget and, after three years’ continuous operation, without a single failure”. He continued “after we implemented CleverDocs and went live, we were able to immediately transact more business and release staff to do more productive work. We also had one place for customer records, quotes, policy documents, e-mails, correspondence etc. With this system in place, everything became accessible atrepparttar 133427 touch of a button”.


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