"Cooking with Love- Just in Time for Valentine's Day"

Written by Marybeth Gregg

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o Turn offrepparttar cell phone! Keep music soft and tender, but not so slow that it makes you want to fall asleep.

Just Show That You Care

o Show your genuine love in what you say and do. That is what will come across as caring. The fact that you tookrepparttar 113141 time to make this event happen, that you cooked a few things, mostly from scratch, will help this to be a beautiful memory for both of you!


This holiday is really geared to couples – and I want to suggest that you also included others- reach out for someone who may be alone. An elderly neighbor, or someone who has been recently widowed or divorced, someone who is ill and can surely use a lift. It is amazing how a call, a card, a little plant such as a yellow primrose , a pink or red cyclamen, or forced-bulb lavender hyacinth or tulip, will make everyone feel a little better! Most of these treats are under $5.00, but think ofrepparttar 113142 joy that someone will get by this unexpected gesture of love.


Not just with candy but also with a hand-written card, a lunch out together, making a Valentine’s craft such as construction paper and doily hearts to put inrepparttar 113143 windows, making cupcakes and decorating with all those yummy red candies and icing. Make some time to do this now because they are out on their own all too quickly. _______________________________________


If you want to impress someone with your culinary delights, I have some easy and enticing recipes - An easy-to-make appetizer called “It’s a Date”

A delectable “Oh, Baby, Here’s my Heart (of Palm) Salad”

And a scrumptious and simple seafood or chicken entrée in parchment called “A Package of Love-I’m all Wrapped Up for You.”

You won’t believe how easy and delicious these recipes are!

Write to me at Marybeth@cook-with-confidence.com and I will send you these recipes at no cost! _______________________________________ Valentine's Day is just one holiday in February, which we think of as such a slow and dreary time of year…

In my next article, I will share some thoughts with you for Chinese New Year, which begins on February 9th.

This article will have lots of great ideas and recipes for this wonderful celebration, and some discussion about a very important issue, which is American Heart Month as it especially relates to women’s heart health and nutrition.

Contact me with any thoughts or questions at: Marybeth@cook-with-confidence.com

Marybeth Gregg has been cooking, entertaining and giving cooking advice for almost 20 years. She is well-known for her wonderful cuisine, great parties and started her successful cooking school several years ago. She has been featured in several newspapers, and is currently working on publishing a cookbook and a series of video tapes and dvd's of cooking lessons.

Recipe: Chocolate Modeling Clay

Written by Rondi Hillstrom Davis

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4. Use nonstick cooking spray to greaserepparttar counter, rolling pin, cookie cutters, and your hands. As you begin to workrepparttar 113140 clay,repparttar 113141 warmth fromrepparttar 113142 kneading will make dough smooth and satiny. Cut, shape and sculpt your Valentine creations.

5. Store in an airtight container in a cool, dry place. _________________________________

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Rondi Hillstrom Davis is the co-author of the award- winning book Together: Creating Family Traditions. To check out her website that's jam packed with family ideas, visit To subscribe to her online newsletter, go to

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