"Cookie Cutter" Low Carb Diet Plans Explained

Written by Jenny Mathers

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To be fair, there are significant and many research papers that support and argue againstrepparttar low carb revolution, as yetrepparttar 131368 wider medical community has not fully made itís mind up as to whetherrepparttar 131369 diets are something that is favourable inrepparttar 131370 long term.

Recent research by Layman et. al., and Saris have found thatrepparttar 131371 low carb and high protein diets provide little benefit to dieters. Researchers found that when protein was moderately increased and carbohydrates proportionately decreased, insulin levels stabilised but no significant weight was lost. Saris in his review concluded that it is probable that a low carb, high fat diet will increaserepparttar 131372 likelihood of weight gain.

While there is a lot of evidence againstrepparttar 131373 low carb philosophy, there is also a lot of evidence to support it. Research published in May, 2004, found that when patients on a low carb diet were compared with patients on a low fat diet, those patients who had consumed a low carb diet had a greater weight loss, decreased triglyceride levels and increased levels of HDL's - in other words their cholesterol levels had improved. To putrepparttar 131374 icing onrepparttar 131375 cake research has just been published to supportrepparttar 131376 long term efficacy of eating a low carb diet.

Despiterepparttar 131377 evidence to support low carb diet plans, mainstream medicine still does not recommend them. The main points of contention withrepparttar 131378 low carb, high protein diets is that they donít offer balance and variety and could prove dangerous for people at risk of heart disease. Particularly with low carb diet plans such asrepparttar 131379 scarsdale diet, they are not realistic and cannot be maintained inrepparttar 131380 long term causing yo-yo dieting and no one wants that !


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Eating for Health, Happiness and Successful Weight Control

Written by Dr. William Parsons

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Remember,repparttar key to weight control is to be healthy, happy and fit. You must understand which foods will provide these three, all-important elements. Believe it or not, there are foods which you enjoy that are actually good for you!

Incredibly, many overweight people actually do not eat enough! Listen to your body, not your mind. Your body knows when it has hadrepparttar 131363 appropriate amount of food and, more importantly,repparttar 131364 appropriate amount of nutrition. Because many people do not understand nutrition, they eat food that does not supply sufficient nutrients torepparttar 131365 body. They will feel hungry even after a large meal because theirs bodies are "starving" for proper nutrition. For this reason, most diets do not work orrepparttar 131366 individual cannot stay withrepparttar 131367 diet because it is an unnatural way of eating. Your body literally believes it is starving; therefore, it will take actions to surviverepparttar 131368 famine. It is a self-preservation mechanism, if you will. The body begins drawing off your muscles and storesrepparttar 131369 fat for later use inrepparttar 131370 event that it does not receiverepparttar 131371 necessary nourishment for an extended period of time. When a person finally falls offrepparttar 131372 diet (which is inevitable), they gain back allrepparttar 131373 lost weight and, in many cases, even more! The reason is because it takesrepparttar 131374 body sometime to adjust from its self-preservation mode, so allrepparttar 131375 food that is consumed is stored as fat while your body continues to draw from muscle.

There is no such thing as losing weight fast. It will take 3 to 6 months (or more depending onrepparttar 131376 amount of weight loss needed),to lose a significant amount of weight. The good news is that once you have lostrepparttar 131377 weight, you should not gain it back because you will have learned aboutrepparttar 131378 food you eat.

Yes, you have heard it before and you are now going to hear it again - exercise! Even a small amount of exercise (1/2 hour per day, 3 days per week) will greatly accelerate weight control.

If you feel like having a snack or something sweet, have it. Your body is telling you it needs something. Of coarse, it would be better to eat a piece of fruit rather than a candy bar. However, either is preferable to over-eating at your next meal or agonizing overrepparttar 131379 decision to indulgerepparttar 131380 urge.

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